What were Makuta-Skakdi Relations like?

After Spiriah conducted his experiments on the Skakdi, what kind of relationship did The Skakdi have with the Brotherhood? Were they resentful that they had been reduced to a more primitive state, or appreciative that they had gained their new powers? Did the Skakdi blame and despise The Brotherhood for the destruction of Zakaz, or were they content to live the brutal lives they lived? Did the Brotherhood quarantine of Zakaz anger the Skakdi as a whole, or just those who attempted to flee the island?

Would the Piraka, had they known that a Makuta was influencing them to attain the Mask of Life, reacted negatively to his presence? Did they hold grudges toward Makuta?


I know that this obviously isn’t representative of all Skakdi, but Zaktan’s experiences during the Dark Hunter/Makuta War and in Mangaia around 2003 (since there’s no internal dating system for G1) seemed to give him a pretty genuine sense of respect for Teridax. Of course, despite knowing what the Antidermis was, he never learned that the fellow had suggested the whole “Mask of Life” bit to him, as you mentioned, so that certainly may have changed things.

The Piraka themselves might not be the most representative examples here, though it’s unfortunate that we didn’t see any other Skakdi, sans Nektann, in any canon media. After all, they were Dark Hunters, and while things were always pretty rough between the Hunters and the Brotherhood, they were especially bad in the years after the events of Time Trap, when the news that Teridax had killed and eaten a couple of Dark Hunters made its way to the Shadowed One. Just off of that, you’d think that any Dark Hunters, former or otherwise, would be a little anti-Makuta.

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Good points on Zaktan. The Piraka are definitely a different case than the general Skakdi populus, as you said yourself, due to their association with the DH. I think Zaktan’s respect for Teridax, even as a Dark Hunter, says quite a lot. Zaktan probably sees some of himself in Teridax, with all his scheming and such. Perhaps all Skakdi admire power as Zaktan does, but I think the Skakdi referring to Nektann as a ‘Piraka’ in the derogatory sense for joining Teridax during his rule seems to indicate this is not a bona fide rule. They have some pride in their species and have displayed themselves to be rather tribalistic during a serial(I can’t remember which one)set in Teridax’s rule. That’s why I could see the Skakdi resenting the brotherhood for ruining them.

I’m not certain, but I think I recall the Skakdi being a relatively peaceful race before Spiriah’s experiments turned them into the aggressive species we know today.