What will Happen to Garmadon?

In Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, the evil part of lord Garmadon got resuracted. In season 9, at the moment we are at one episode away until all of them air. What do you think will happen to Garmadon? will he be killed? sent back to the departed round, get back to his sensei garmadon good form? post what you think will happen. Ep 94, the last episode of season 9 is supposed to air and be published on Youtube tomorrow or if not in the next three days.

He will take off his mask and reveal his true identity as Nadakhan.
What? Nadakhan and Garmadon have never been seen together. They could easily be the same person.



Right now, we know that Garmadon left at the end of March of the Oni. It’s ambiguous what he’s gonna do with his life now. I think they did that to open the door for future seasons. Maybe Garmadon’s gonna come back with a new army, or when another threat comes, Garmadon will come back to help…with an army.

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