What would happen if Rahkshi switched Kraata?

According to BS01 Rahkshi consist of two Kraata. One which is submerged in energized protodermis to form the armor, and another is used to pilot the armor. However, all known Rahkshi use the same type of Kraata to be formed (but the level doesn’t matter apparently). I’m wondering what would happen if a Rahkshi used two different types of Kraata…would they have dual powers, or would the Rahkshi have trouble functioning with the conflicting types?


I would assume something like this would occur, if Kraata have personalities that is…


I don’t think personality conflict would be a factor as the Rahkshi armor is completely inanimate and inorganic like Bohrok. Speaking of which, Bohrok are capable of storing different types of krana for different powers…so why can’t Rahkshi?

Maybe it would work for Rahkshi whose powers are very similar (like Guurahk’s disintegration and Panhrak’s shattering)?

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I’m assuming the kraata would have to install updates using the enclosed instruction booklet that came with the set.


Well, I found this on BS01:

To create a Rahkshi, two Kraata of the same power type are required


The Rahkshi armor amplifies the Kraata’s powers

So I guess a “wrong” Kraata could maybe operate the armor, but would then either have difficulty using its powers or it can still use its power but only on Kraata level and not on Rahkshi level.


Trust me, I’ve seen it. You really don’t want to know what happens. It’s kinda horrifying. And dangerous to all onlookers

But seriously though, I’m fairly sure the elemental energies of the opposing armor and kraata would collide with each other and become unstoppable or sporadic. Or the armor just wouldn’t respond.

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That makes me want to see what happens even more :grin:

Imagines a confused Kraata inside the armor starting to have a panic attack at its inability to operate the thing


Can slugs have panic attacks?


I prefer snakes. And yea it’s possible. Why do you think the kraata in mask of light were screaming when teridax pulled them from his form. It’s sort of an “OH GOD! I SUDDENLY EXIST!” Moment.


Perhaps that was not unlike a baby usually crying when born?

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I guess if you replace the baby with a screaming snake made of antidermis.


I am not sure if this was a head-canon I read somewere or if its actually canon but once I read that the only difference was that the rahkshi couldn’t use their powers, I think.

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If it makes them malfunction and makes them cry in terror…

Then man oh man I feel bad about switching the Kraata sometimes in my Rahkshi…


I think this makes the most sense, as even if Kraata could operate any armor type, it would only know how to use its own powers.

The reason I made this topic was because a Guurahk that I got used a long time ago had a gold n tan Kraata (Panrahk’s) as opposed to the usual metallic blue one, and I only realised until now, so I was just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

May or may not be of any help here, but over on BZP, we have a Bionicle RPG called Corpus Rahkshi, so we’ve actually been exploring this topic for quite some time.
Basically, for a Kraata to be able to channel its powers through its suit, the latter would have to act as an extension of the slug’s body, hence why both are normally composed of the same variation. So while a Kraata would still possess its power set while inside a suit made from a different variation, it wouldn’t be able to channel said powers through the armor, thus resulting in a powerless Rahkshi, as the suit being worn itself is essentially a mutated corpse.
That’s not to say we haven’t had some more… unusual characters over there; for example, two in particular are a pair of conjoined twins (one of Heat Resistance, and the other of Cold Resistance) operating a two-headed suit that’s almost constantly steaming, as the two effectively cancel each other out. The key difference here, though, is that since the Kraata are the actual source of the Rahkshi’s powers, a Rahkshi would then need to possess at least two seperate living Kraata before they would be able to have access to multiple variations.


Very interesting…

What others have they come up with?

Rahkshi with four arms, Rahkshi with vestigial wings, Rahkshi with split personalities, a vampiric Rahkshi of Hunger that’s weakened by darkness instead of light, and a couple of blind Rahkshi who rely on echolocation to see and get around. If I recall correctly, there have also even been Rahkshi approved with tentacles in various places…
Those are really just the ones I can remember off the top of my head, and obviously don’t include those with powered weapons received as quest rewards, or, you know, Kaita. But yeah, as evidenced by what’s previously been deemed acceptable, Rahkshi with multiple Kraata that aren’t of the same variation would much more likely have some sort of combo ability, due to the two power sets reacting and/or conflicting with each other instead of being able to control them both separately.


Well if two disintigration kraata switched, they could go on. On the other hand, If a poison and anger kraata switched, nothing would happen, the rahkshi would stay on the floor. Dead,

The Rakshi wouldnt be alive in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

I more meant the rahkshi would never “wake up” and would just lye there until a kraata of the same type crawls in. I also thought the rahkshi already woke up before switching.

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