What would life be...If Pokemon were real?

so basically if Pokemon existed what would be different
for example transport
and more Stranger thing

and try to make it sound like it could work
the Great War with Pokemon
people using Octillery instead of Artillery

and people riding in on Rapidash whilst wielding Honedge

and Tanks being replaced with Avalugg with a launcher on top firing electrodes

Not Like
I will fly on my pidgey to school


Open the Game


We would all die.

There are massive amounts of Pokemon hotter than the sun. they would sink through the ground into the earths core. Then many volcanoes would come up from the ground, causing massive devastation. The only safe would place would be the sea, but there are lots of danger from the Pokemon living there. Not to mention the food that people wouldn’t have because there is no agriculture.

So yes. We would all die.



Having Braviary as the national bird for 'Murica…rad.

Edit: I just remembered that Groudon and Kyogre are a thing. In foresight, we’re all doomed.

but we have Raquaza as well

If Pokemon were real…wouldn’t it be animal abuse if we caught them and forced them to battle? XP

im sorry


I wonder what Pokemon taste like


Yeah i really don’t like pokemon but i bet they taste great


A grand feast would await us!

I can just taste the blood now…


We have pokemon that control space, time, creation, anti-matter, the weather, tectonic plates, oceans, the sky and worst of all ice cream.

We would all die.


Let’s say, somehow, we didn’t die.
We would die anyway.

Does this mean we can revive and have a slew of ancient creatures around today?


Order-enforcement squads like the Vahki would have to be created to keep dangerous Pokemon away from populated areas


If Pokemon were real it would be Pokemon Go 24/7.

Literally everyone I know would be out looking for Pokemon.

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very very odd, also dangerous

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If Pokemon were real, we wouldn’t be having this discussion because we wouldn’t be fantasizing about what it would be like if Pokemon were real. Also, there would be no merchandise, probably. We would see them as animals, probably, just as we see tigers, fish, dogs, and such. Finally, everyone would be outside looking for that Pikachu.

More food.

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This very much depends on how this would come to be. If it was a sudden change, in which Pokemon and all related items and resources just came into being one day, it would be literal hell. Hundreds of different creatures many of which have the powers of gods just show up one day, and in doing what they normally do, we would suffer, as our world is not prepared for it. However, if it where to be that we all lived in the Pokemon universe, then that would be pretty cool. I feel like it would be a lot like it is portrayed in the games and show. Life would be interesting, getting to catch, train, and befriend wild animals, and use them to fight other people who are doing the same thing. The only real down side I can think of is that the wold could end at the drop of a hat, though there will probably be a 10 year old that just so happens to be in the right place at the right time and save the day.

Ummm, I am fairly certain there are quite a few organizations that exist in our world to prevent people from catching training and fighting animals… just saying.

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Eternatus makes everyone go big big time