What would the TTV cast like their alternate-modes to be

So I’ve been doing more drawing lately and i’ve decided that I wanted to draw every member as a transformer. I have many ideas, and I’m half way through finishing Purple’s, who turns into a dragon. Next I plan on drawing Eljay as a 1969 mustang, and possibly Ven as a 50 something COB. Im basing them off of your Mocs mostly, but if any of you see this or are interested in seeing something more specific, i’d love to do it, may just take time since I’m still learning

Draw me based off a Yugo


Draw Eljay as an AMC Pacer

Yes Eljay, this is a joke

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Lmao, Im still looking at how to design him, so I guess if he doesn’t respond that may be what I use

@MistikaFan I just got a super clever idea for eljay’s and it involves combining.

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