What would you do for G3?

What if you were story director for G3? What would you? Post your thoughts.

In time before time, on the mysterious island of Okoto, the great Mata Nui gave life to the land. Two species lived in harmony, the tall and lanky Skakdi, and the short and stubby Matoran. Mata Nui protected the villagers from the six evil warlords, the Barraki, and other monsters. He was thought to be unstoppable, until, the Dark Warlord, Makuta, sacrificed himself to kill Mata Nui. And Okoto was placed under darkness, until, out-of-nowhere, the Toa fell from the sky, ready to bring Mata Nui back to life.


I don't think we will get a G3, So this seems pretty strange to ask.


Why not?

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Because if Bionicle failed a second time Lego would declare it a waste of time.


It doesn't have to fail to end, the story can just be over.


Except if Lego ended Bionicle we wouldn't get it back.
The only reason Bionicle came back was because Bionicle did "fail" and Lego wasn't done with it yet.


Well, it's fun to just- ... I give up.


It didn't fail I thought

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I'd make it a continuation of G1, myself, or a "soft reboot" to be more clear. Make it far enough removed from the original that new fans can jump in, but still set it in the original universe that I and many of the original fans still care about.

Alternatively, don't bring Bionicle back at all, but make something with similar a similar style of storytelling and focus on mystery. Kind of like how most Final Fantasy games are unrelated, but share common elements.

But even if G2 is successful, its sales will inevitably decline someday, and it will be canceled. Lego would still probably want to revive it in that case. G3 may not be likely, but it's certainly possible. Look at how many iterations of Transformers there have been.


Well it didn't actually fail but Lego ended it just before it could.
So it did sorta fail because it's sails where getting bad enough for Lego to have to stop it.

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Seriously, no one would want to entertain a HYPOTHETICAL question.
(Except John)


I'm fine with a good, old hypothetical question, but this is kind of Jumping the gun. We have another two years of G2 and then the five to six for it to become a somewhat nostalgic memory. And if we were to get G3, we don't know how G2 would end. For all we know, it could end with a different system and a lackluster story, making another reboot unneccesary. But since it is fun to hypothesize, I'll give my idea.

It will be another reboot. We will have all the terms we know and love, but we would not have any characters from the past, just a bunch of new names and lore.

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Release waves of Av-Matoran.


Just no Solek. stuck_out_tongue

I would make Voodoo Heads a thing skull

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Cancel it and make make HF G2.


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What do you have against HF!?



Personally, I don't think Bionicle will be rebooted a third time. Either Bionicle goes on until sales begin to drop, and Lego ends Constraction, or they will create a brand new theme. I would much rather the later, though by that time, I may have better things to worry about. Also, HF G2 isn't going to happen. Lego wasn't satisfied with the sales in G1, and ending Bionicle again, and creating Hf G2 probably won't go over very well with fans. It's just repeating the past.


I would slap an X at the end of the name

Just look at Kamen Rider G3, he's so proud of it, he's got his new name on his shoulder!