What would you do if you had an Olmak?

The great Kanohi Olmak is the mask of Dimensional gates, which means it can be used to enter alternate timelines and universes. It has been worn by Vezon, a member of Toa Jovan’s team, and most popularly by Brutaka. It has been used to send Takanuva into alternate universes such as the dark mirror world and the Kingdom. So where would you go if you had a Kanohi Olmak?
Would you go to a universe where all of the secretes of BIONICLE were revealed?
Or would you dare to go to a universe with no TTV and a scattered and dying BIONICLE community?
Where would you go?


DC Universe! SEE-YA!!!

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I’d go to a dimension where Lego and the world as we know it are reversed. Kind of like in that Simpsons special!

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The main Bionicle Universe, right when the Toa Mata first met up on Mata Nui. I would be like, “Hey! I know everything you might want to now! Ask me anything! I am here to help!”


I’ve a very…boring idea of what to do with it.

Travel to alternate universes where no intelligent life exists on the planet, somewhere I can go to and do whatever I want with no repercussion. and steal as many valuable minerals like gold and stuff as I could, and then return to the mainstream universe.


Vezon and Deadpool, the ultimate and epic team-up of all time.


I would probably put it on my wall, and leave it there until I get a really good idea for using it.

I would go striaght to the Bionicle universe. There’s no other answer really.


srsly though i would probably go through as many universes as i can helping people sorta like the doctor but i deal with dimensions not time.
@Crunchy Maby…

Would you have a companion accompanying you on your travels? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would travel to the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe so I could use the Holodeck to create a Bionicle program (who needs books when you have virtual-reality!?).

I’d go to a Transformers universe and get an Exo-Suit. Who doesn’t want a transforming set of power armor?

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Why not a Godmaster brace?

It’s a set of armour, a giant transforming robot, Martial Arts, Magic and Street Fighter moves all in one!

I just figured something out: I would go to the Marvel Universe and take the Infinity Gauntlet back to my dimension. I think you know what happens next.

How is that boring? You get to do whatever the heck you want! And get rich from it! :smile:

I actually don’t know what will happen next… I still haven’t seen GOTG yet. @_@
No spoilers, please. :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t worry. no Infinity Gauntlet is in that one. Probably Avengers 3

After gaining the Infinity Gauntlet, I would probably shoot it into something capable of destroying it. Maybe a supernova. Then I’d go to the DC Universe, go to Spherus Magna, slay Velika, grab Artakha, a few sets of Adaptive Armor, and bring them back to my home dimension.

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I would like to taste what Ice Cream is like in every dimension that I can survive and escape in.

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It’s boring just 'cause it’s the obvious thing to do.