What would you do with infinite money?

Invest the infinite amount of money towards space exploration.

Use the infinite amount of money to build a spaceship out of money.


Buy world (no more fighting)
Sponsor best vidyogame company evar
Bring G1 back


I would buy everything I want, and then I would go buy a giant home on another civilized planet.

That is what I would do, plain and simple.

Also I would fund ElJay's empire.


TTV City.

Sound cool.

  • Buy LEGO
  • Buy all the countries and continents
  • Donate to charities
  • Cure cancer
  • Cure everything
  • Put my face on Mount Rushmore and every other national/international monument
  • Buy every company
  • Copy write everything to me
  • Become the worlds dictator leader

First I would buy a house with a lot of space. Then I would buy all LEGO-sets.. and a lot of fitness equipment to create my own home-gym.


Go to Netflix, watch Richie Rich, that's me...

donate to charity

buy all bionicle sets

make sure non of my friends and family go into debt



Almost everything

If ya think of it, you will see money=goods, so infinite money=infinite goods.

I would buy everything (I wanted).

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  1. Buy all bionicle sets.

  2. Buy a bunch of parts lots.

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  1. Buy all bonkles sets,masks and parts.
  2. Buy all destroyers and battle ships in the world
  3. Play battle ships in the pacific ocean
  4. Pay LJ to take of his mask
  5. Take over the world and play jenga with all the sky scrapers in usa.
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if that happens can i help

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Nothing because Uncle Sam would steal it.

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I would buy every internet provider in the world and then provide free internet for the planet.

I'd also pay off every nations' debt.

Spend it all.


If I had infinite money, I'd probably buy infinite things.

Nah, I'll be specific.
Lots and lots of Technic and Bionicle, for starters.
I'd spend a lot on anime figures and box sets.
Enlarge my collection of Nintendo games and systems.
This one may seem strange, but I'd get dozens of t-shirts and posters.

Aaand... I'd pump infinite money into the economic flow, thus causing massive inflation and bringing about an economic crisis that would put the great depression to shame.

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Buy a bunch of Lego and various other things, then give a bunch of money to charity or something. The real question is, what wouldn't I do.


I would buy the Russian military as my own personal army.

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