What would you want in a Hero Factory Reboot?

The title says it all. If HF were to return after G2 Bionicle ends, what would you want to see it do differently from last time? This could be your chance to say how it could be better if you liked it or what you would want to see that would make you enjoy it if you didn't.

Also: please don't just say "I wouldn't want it to come back" or "more story", as those are vague.

I personally would want some more setting-building (developing the universe they live in) and another crisis of Breakout scale, such as perhaps a villain factory starting a war.
What about you? What would you want changed about Hero Factory?


I would really like to see it continue as a mech line. If it could effectively blend CCBS and system I think it could have some success in bridging the two demographics.


What if Hero factory become the new Exo force, with heroes using the factory to create vehicles?


For it to cease to exist. Or to at least use pieces that prompted more complexity overall.


I literally said in the description:

And you did not listen.
Also, I feel like CCBS does promote complexity, but not greebling. Just complex builds. I mean, most of G1 hardly had complex builds in its mainstay sets!


This is what I want. Many HF sets seemed bland to me as time went on. Kind of like they were turning into parodies. I guess you ignored the last half of my comment. :laughing:

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Have It continue with what Invasion from Below did- turn it into the next Exo Force with CCBS.

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Wow, invasion from below was big on these boards...

I personally wasn't the biggest fan of the mechs...

What's this about Hero Factory G2?


...Could you please post a bit on topic?


I know, just messing.

In all seriousness, I'd rather they use better story writing and character development. What Hero Factory had before wasn't that great, and it seemed like a breath of fresh air. It literally took 2 waves to screw Gen 2 up, so hopefully they try better in whatever ccbs wave comes next. Hero Factory or not.

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I do not want mechs.

At all.


Because we have mechs in Ninjago, China, Nexo Kites, The Lego movie, superheroes...

But CCBS is almost exclusively figures, and it should stay that way.

That's what it is designed for. It's the character and creature building system. Not the mech building system.

And the IFB mechs were not that great anyway.


As to what a HF 2 electronic boogaloo should have:

Sets on par with the Uniters/masters.
sets like Quake Breast

An actual story.

Ryder Windham as writer.

Graphic novels.

No Surge.

A better representation of female characters (instead of 1 for all five years)



I agree so much with this
Except that the story wasn't "actual" - it had a story, but the setting wasn't developed into a universe.

For the characters, I'd like if they retain focus on all nine alpha team members; similar to what they did during Breakout. It seemed a little odd that some of the heroes were absent in some waves or just completely left out all together like last time.

Either that or just keep the original six heroes.


I would like to see Hero Factory git gud.

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-Actually well thought out villains that aren't boring street thugs who are bad "just because."

-No 1-dimensional heroes

-Better usage of the CCBS system

-Better colors. I hate how rocka looks


add mystical stuff

or more science



Bonkle G3 lololo- *shot *


More unique colors, I don't mind the first Furno being red/silver, but when EVERY OTHER ONE'S THE SAME RED AND SILVER IT GETS A LITTLE BIT OBNOXIOUS
(actually the first one isn't, but whateves)

More unique designs (second verse, same as the first.) all heroes look way too similar and the villains are a bit bland

better weapons, they were mostly single mold items, claws or the same boring "shooters"


EDIT: also this


I would want more books by Greg Farshty, and for the heroes to be small, $10 sets, while making all of the larger sets villains. Not only would this give off a more powerful enemy type thing, but, at leased judging from G1, the villains tended to be more unique anyway. Grant it, that does make sence seeing as all the heroes are produced on an assembly line.


I would want it to be "darker". Maybe some sort of post apocalyptic setting.. but it's LEGO and that will never happen.
Also I would want the story not to be so simply told but to have more "variation"