What Would You Want In A New BIONICLE Movie?

Now that BIONICLE’s return is confirmed, I thought it would be fun to dabble in the realm of speculation and discuss what our dream BIONICLE movie would be like.

Now that Warner Bros. has the film rights to LEGO and it’s properties, the budget could be big, and the voice talent would be top-notch. Here’s some things we could talk about:

What do you want the visual style to be like? I think it would be great if Warner Bros. veered away from modeling the characters exactly like the sets. I want realism implemented, with great graphics and really detailed character designs.

Animation or live-action? Personally, I’d want this to be an animated picture, only because I don’t know how live-action could be used, aside from motion capture, and still keep the story’s integrity.

And here are some questions, the answers of which I have no preference.

Who should play the Toa?

Who should write/direct the film?

What should the story be?

That’s about it. Discuss!


Well to be honest, I wouldn’t want one. None of the BIonicle movies ever did proper justice to the theme IMO. But if this isn’t talking realistically, then I’d have some ideas.

  1. Something in between sets and what we got in the original 3

  2. Doing a type of live action where the actors body is totally animated over but all the sets and motions were real would be epic :stuck_out_tongue: . Sort of like transformers but without real people.

  3. whoever can be good stunt actors. The voice overs can be different.

  4. To hard to find someone who could.

  5. The original coming of the Toa.


Ooh, big questions. Let’s see…

Visual Style: An updated version of the original trilogy’s style might be nice. Other than that I’m not too picky, though I agree they should veer away from just modelling the sets exactly.
Animation/Live-action: I think it could be really cool if they filmed locations in live-action, and then added in CGI characters. That would probably be really expensive though, so I think 100% animation is the way to go.

Cast: I don’t really know, but here are a few “pie in the sky” ideas:
Liam Neeson as Kopaka
Robert Downey, Jr. as Pohatu
Simon Pegg as Lewa
Vin Diesel as Onua

As for writers/directors…I don’t care, as long as they do a good job. I wouldn’t mind seeing GregF write the screenplay…I think TLR might have been much better if he’d been allowed to do so.

No idea what the story should be. Whatever they want to tell.


I agree with your post in a lot of areas.

Although, it’s missing Nick Cage for Omega Tahu. Just think about it.

“Not the bees! Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!
-Omega Tahu, Bionicle: The Movie.


Hmm, let’s see…

"What do you want the visual style to be like?"
Honestly, I’m with @John_Smith on this one. Models resembling the sets, yet maintaining their own original appearance as well looks great, and the original movies managed to pull that off greatly.

"Animation or live-action?"
animation, duh
I don’t want live-action in my Bionicle, please :laughing:

"Who should play the Toa?"
I don’t really know, actually! I just hope that Warner Bros. or whoever make this movie chooses great voice actors who actually fit their roles.

"Who should write/direct the film?"
I wouldn’t mind if Greg wrote the film, but, as he’s no longer involved with writing the story, I’d doubt he would anyway. Greg has mentioned that a team in Denmark is writing the new story, so they could write the movie, but as we haven’t seen what they can do, I can’t really express my opinions on them.

As for a director, the last answer applies. I don’t really mind who they choose, as long as they don’t shove explosions into every frame of the movie.

You know who you are.

"What should the story be?"
Maybe it could be a slightly edited version of the 2015 storyline? I don’t really know :stuck_out_tongue:

This took a while to write. So yeah, this is what I have to say about the subject :smiley:


Visual style: MNOG.

Misha Colins as Kopaka
Tim Daly as Tahu
Not sure who would bee good for Lewa. I’d have said Robin Williams, but…
Chris Pratt as Pohatu
I’ll agree with Vin Diesel as Onua
Emma Watson as Gali
James Earl Jones as Makuta

Joss Whedon should write/direct it. He does so well with large amounts of characters (Firefly, Toy Story, Avengers) and you’re always in for a treat when you sit down to watch something he’s made.


Chris Pratt and Emma Watson FTW!

I also want Cryoshell to be in charge of all of the trailer music :grin:

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@Nyran: “Not the Hoto bugs! NOT THE HOTO BUGS!”

@Verakion Those casting choices don’t look bad. Emma Watson is a really good idea for Gali. I’m not sure about James Earl Jones as Makuta though; he’s already Darth Vader. I’d maybe say Christopher Lee instead.


I think Christopher Lee and whoever voiced Smaug would be great choices for Makuta.


D: Too soon, man. Maybe Bill Murray? I don’t know, it would have to be someone who would be able to say “quick-fast” and other such things non-ironically. But I would definitely want it about the original '01 story. “BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks”

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Benedict Cumberbatch!


Mark Hamil actually may be a good choice for Makuta. His voice work as Bane in The Clone Wars was spot-on.


I want voice acting that ISN’T ANNOYING.


With Warner Bros. in charge, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Hopefully.


I say David Tennant, Chris Pratt, Scott McNeil, Michael J. Fox, & Tara Strong for the toa. :3


Steve Blum as Tahu
Crispin Freeman as Kopaka
Johnny Young Bosch as Lewa
Yuri Lowenthal as Pohatu
Wendee Lee as Gali
J. Michael Tatum as Onua
Tom Kenny (in Townsville Mayor voice) as Vakama
Christopher Sabat as Makuta
Spike Spencer and Vic Mignogia as various matoran
Kyle Herbert as Takanuva

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.
Art style would be similar to Star Wars: Clone Wars or Samurai Jack.


I really hope the Voice Actor for Vakama returns (Christopher Gaze according to IMDB). I felt like his voice really fit the character.


Yes. Christopher Gaze is awesome.


nah, i want books!

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Yeah, I want books too, but a movie made well by Warner Bros. would be awesome.