Whatever happened to Bionicle Revolution?

So a few years ago, I was hyped up about Bionicle revolution, and I never knew that it was scrapped. I later learned that it was scrapped, but I never knew the reason. Does anyone know what happened? Thanks.

The fan movie? with white skull girl and sidorak etc? I wondered same thing. According to reddit the movie was finished but the guy was not satisfied with the end result so he scrapped it.

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I have never heard of this before
It seems that the script ended up being pretty controversial, causing it to be cancelled due to backlash.

Apparently TTV had a stream reading the script, but some swearing is supposedly included in the script, so Idk if I should share it here.

The script reading was quite fun, and I would recommend giving it a watch, though there was swearing for the edge.
As for the project, to my knowledge there was some controversy around the creator, and they had a tendency to not follow through on previous projects. It may have been discussed in the script reading video, or on a podcast from around when the project was announced as scrapped (about a year or two before the reading)

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