What's going on in your life?

I am so sorry. I only can wish for the best for you and your dog.

I just got back from the vet it’s not his kidneys he has cancer

That’s awful. Okay.
Happy stuff.
What stuff makes you happy?

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Aidan my dog :sob: building bionicle stuff Warframe but being with my dog is the most happy thing ever

Moved a lot of stuff into the new house,
By tomorrow, we should be for the most part finished, and have the first night sleeping there.

Anybody told you about this yet?

Sorry if they have…


so uh

i guess i might as well talk about some stuff that’s been happening recently

at least for me

there’s been some problems within my family, mainly between my parents and my grandparents. fighting and such. my dad is moving all the way up to Phoenix, AZ, and he told me that i wouldn’t see him for a while. that kinda sucks.

since my dad is moving due to a job, me and my mom have to move in with my grandparents. we’ve been packing up stuff for around 3 weeks now, and around the end of next week we’ll be moved in.

anyways, I guess that’s what’s going on in my life.


Sorry to hear that, man. I hope things turn out ok. =L



I never knew about that…


Just finished my first year at university and somehow did well in all of my exams. yaaaaaaay :grin:


I’m waiting for someone to show up online…

It’s quite boring when you’re alone yknow…

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I just got back last night from a 60 mile week long canoe trip, so that was fun.

Broke my hand tonight. That was… fun >_<


I hope your hand gets well ^^

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Finally finished moving into my new house. Twas exhausting. I also got around to building all of the ‘Winter Wave’ 2016 Bionicle sets I got a while back, along with PoJ, PoE and a Skull Warrior.


Well, my computer mointor is going to be buzz out, so I may get a new one at least.

I’m about to get my first job which I wish I got last year, but I’m glad I got it now.


In news for me, I graduated middle school two weeks ago, and since I’m a Girl Scout I started working on my Silver Award (second highest award you can get.)
I also signed up for CITing at a camp and have no idea if I got in yet.

Congratulations to everyone’s above accomplishments! Those are all really good!


@HaliTheMaskMaker Cool.

I’m in Boy Scouts, should get Eagle rank fairly soon.

Have fun typing for the next 6-8 weeks…

Its not actually too bad. Just a small fracture in a bone on the top side of my hand. Its bandaged and has a brace around it for a little bit. Hurts like nothing else though and i keep smacking it into things by accident T_T

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