What's Next For MCU Spider-Man?

Last year, I made an essay topic about why I felt worried about Spider-Man: No Way Home. The thoughts I expressed seemed to be received fairly well, though my worries were more or less proven for nought when the movie came out.

But after the movie came out, it was confirmed that they were developing a fourth Spider-Man movie, with the hope that Tom Holland would return. The idea of it sounded promising. NWH ended with Peter Parker completely on his own-no backing from Stark Industries, no Aunt May, and no Ned or MJ. Where could they possibly go from there?

Unfortunately, we might not get answers for a little while longer. Marvel announced their full slate for Phases 4, 5, and 6 recently, and it confirmed the release dates for Blade, The Marvels, Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, Captain America 4, and others-but I didn’t see any Spider-Man in there. Even more worrying is that around the time NWH came out, Tom Holland made some comments saying that he might not want to play Spider-Man again. He said that he felt like he’d be doing something wrong if he was still playing Spider-Man when he was 30.

There definitely is some truth to that. If Marvel wants to keep Spider-Man as a high-school-aged superhero for the rest of his time in the MCU, then it would definitely feel wrong if Tom Holland was still playing the character when he was 30. How many times have people made fun of Hollywood casting 25-30-year-old actors as teenaged characters? On the other hand, there was a rumor circulating a while back that Marvel wanted three Spider-Man trilogies-one about him in high school (which has now been completed), one about him in college, and one about him as an adult. I haven’t read the Spider-Man comics, but I’ve been told that the really good Spider-Man stories come when he’s out of high school and living the adult life. So a 30-year-old Tom Holland Spider-Man might not be such a bad thing.

Oh, and there’s also gonna be a Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series on Disney+. When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded interesting, but then leaks confirmed that it would feature characters such as Green Goblin and Dock Ock that appeared in NWH (as alternate reality forms, no less) and I was confused. Then the series was confirmed to be an alternate reality in the vein of What If…?, so…there goes the prequel status, I guess.

Whatever the case, it does appear that Spider-Man will continues in future MCU phases. And until we get more details, all we can do is speculate.


Hopefully death, but you know.


Perhaps they bring in mucu’s harry Osborn

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No they haven’t. They are gonna reveal more in September at D23.

My theory is that he wants a higher paycheck lol.

I don’t mind if they recast him though, wouldn’t be the first time in the MCU.


Like Chronicler said, they didn’t.
Phase 4 is already known since years and only 3 phase 6 movies are known.
Based on prior SM movie releases, the next one would be in phase 5, but it seems more likely to be in phase 6.

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they do have a very easy opportunity coming up here in secret wars
i strongly believe that’s how they’re gonna bring t’challa
after all, the x-men are coming and storm needs someone to marry

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Peter Parker meets the real Miles Morales and gets killed, bringing in an excuse to use more licensed characters into the MCU. Then, it’s confirmed that he didn’t die, and we have a new series of movies!

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Wait what? Storm married Black Panther in the comics? Then again, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard that Black Widow married Red Guardian in the comics, while Red Guardian was her adoptive father in the MCU.

What makes you think that? Because the previous MCU Spider-Man movies were all released two years apart from each other? If it does follow that pattern, then 2023 would make sense. But there’s already Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Blade, The Marvels, and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania coming out next year. I think that’s enough Marvel movies for one year.

That’s actually another rumor I heard: that Miles Morales might replace Peter Parker in the MCU, and thus Tom Holland would no longer be needed. Considering they’re already replacing Steve Rogers with Sam Wilson’s Captain America, that theory might have more weight to it than some might think.

I’ve heard the idea float around that they might include Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 (though maybe not if she ends up appearing in one of Sony’s mostly clueless side projects instead). I think that could make an interesting dynamic, since Black Cat has always been more interested in Spider-Man than Peter. Plus, with MJ out of the picture for now, it would give them some room for flirtatious banter.

But anyway, what we’re still waiting for is the REAL ultimate crossover: the live-action Spider-Men with the Into the Spiderverse Spider-Men.

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Which makes sense given Venom’s cameo in the final scene of No Way Home. If he accidentally remains in the MCU, then it would make sense to have more dimension-hopping madness occur to get him out, possibly resulting in Miles being trapped in the MCU while Peter is killed by the Spiderverse villains as in the movie. Plus, then Electro’s quip about a Black Spider-man would come true.

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I felt it was like that due to every Phase having at least one SM movie since his introduction though I forgot that both Homecoming and Far from Home were in Phase 3

Yeah and that is why they would probably put it in Phase 6, rather than 5.

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Well, they WERE talking about Far From Home being the first movie of Phase 4…

But Phase 5 is still technically going in 2024, with NWO and Thunderbolts. Fantastic Four is coming that year, but it’s officially part of Phase 6 (at least right now).

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Well, D23 has come and gone…with no Spider-Man related announcements. Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.