Whats the Deal with Po-Matoran?

I mean, think about it, just about every set release Po-Matoran had something different in story from the matoran they released with.

2001 & 2003: Hewkii- One of few characters to have a love interest.

2004: Ahkmou- Makuta loyalist

2006: Velika- Great Being

2007: Dekar- Transformed into Hydraxon

Coincidence? Most likely.


What about Hafu?

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Nobody remembers Hafu… :frowning:


Hafu is unique as he is the best matoran. I just thought it was so obvious it wasn’t worth mentioning.


Hafu needs no list, he is in and of himself, the ultimate Hafu original.


The title of this topic sounds like the start of a stand-up comedy bit


I imagine it’s due to brown characters universally selling worse than the red/blue/green ones. Make their personality/story involvement more interesting and people will be that much more inclined to buy them.


Farshtey’s positions on love notwithstanding, didn’t Jaller and Hahli have a thing going as well?

But for the other three you do raise a good point.

They did, but it was still rare. also Hahli wasn’t introduced until 2002 so I guess Hewkii was first?

I have always liked the po-matoran more than the other tribes, just because they were honest hard workers and felt the most life-like of the matoran. They worked, complained, and played sports like humans. I also have always loved the color scheme… I just wish that pohatu was brown and old dark grey.

I heard they have alot of rocks in their heads.

Except for Hafu, He remains the only exception as he is the best.