What's Wrong With This Custom Colour?

I’ve recently been experimenting with making my own custom colour in stud.io; I’m trying to make a version of Metallic Green that actually looks green in a render.

I’ve followed Unpixelled’s tutorial, and the custom colour looks exactly how I want it to in stud.io itself:


However, when I render it, it has the same issue as the current Metallic Green, where it doesn’t look green:

My first thought was that I just needed to adjust the RGB values in the Settings file, but that did nothing to change the render, even if I set everything to 0.0. I also tried changing the RGB values in the Definition file, but that did nothing either; even when the colour was bright blue in stud.io itself, the render would still look exactly as it did above.

I’ve included screenshots of the files below:

What’s going on here?


Update for anyone curious: the render works properly if I simply call the colour “Canister” in both files. I have no idea why this is.

I had had a similar issue previously as well; I had initially called the colour “Mata Canister Green”, but then the render program would try to find a colour called “Canister Green”, omitting the word “Mata”. Obviously, this would cause an error. Again, I have no idea why it omitted the word.

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This is the most efficient Ask topic I’ve seen so far, well done

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I was also asking in other places; I didn’t figure this out on my own.

This fix was provided by shushudancer on the Stud.io Discord, and the best we can figure (and by “we”, I mean “mostly shushudancer”) is that, for some reason, when trying to render a Metal-Group colour with a multi-word name, stud.io will drop the first word in the name, and then try to find the truncated name in the Settings file.

That’s why, when I called the colour “Mata Canister Green”, it just searched for “Canister Green”, which didn’t exist. Then, when I called it “Canister Green”, it searched for “Green”, which caused it to render the actual Metallic Green colour in stud.io, as can be seen above. That’s why changing the RGB values didn’t do anything.

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