What's your favorite Era of masks?

Hey guys!
I was wondering what your guys favorite era of masks were?
The simple but surprisingly elegant masks of 01
The more organic masks of 02 and 03
The darker more ominous masks of 04
The animal masks of 05
The creepy, rubbery masks of 06
The more specialized towards environment of 07 and 08
The complex, expressive, and elemental masks of 09
The extremely robotic masks of Hero Factory
Or the more refined masks of Gen 2?

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My favorites would have to be the Mata and Mari masks.

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I would say 2001.
There was a WIDE variety of masks and different colors for them, and they all looked really cool! They were also influenced more by tribal masks, so it was cool to see that as well.


it’s really hard to decide, I guess I’d say 01 and Gen 2


01, G2, 07,04, 02 and 03

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except the noble mahiki

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As a whole, probably the '01 and gen 2 masks.

There are some very notable exceptions, however.


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I’d say my favorite are 07/08’s excluding the Kaukau.

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it only looks good on ehrye and even then it only compliments his sexy blue nips

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I’d go with 2007.
I love how the masks look.
Especially the Volitak.
Also G2’s masks are pretty cool

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The 2001 masks. how could it be any other?

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I really like the 2007 masks. I think they look really cool.


'01, '02, '03, '04, '06, & '15.

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'01, '04, '07/08.

04’, 07’/'08, and G2

I think my favorite are the '01 masks cause hey could be used for either major characters or background characters.

05! Either 01 or 04.

07 and 08 masks for sure. Those were the awesome masks I saw when I was first introduced to Bionicle back in the day. Each one was unique and distinctive, and they reinforced my “Bionicle is super edgy” thoughts towards the theme back in the day.

G2, 05 and 07/08 are probably my favourites

07 and 08 for sure.