What's Your Job?

Ye, so do you guys have a job? How do you make the dough to buy your bonkles and stuff?

I myself work at a Carpet and Flooring store as a shipper. I cut the carpets, put the carpets in people’s cars, measure the carpets, hang the carpets, clean the carpets, build displays, destroy displays, and other stuff.

and i’ve already heard all the jokes about me being Azian and working at a carpet ‘factory.’ Hush hush.


I stay at home and patiently collect 50 dollar bills my grandparents give me until I can buy whatever I want.

it’s hard work


I can’t legally get a job… :cry:


I don’t have a job yet. I’m planning to get one next summer. I just do chores and get paid $20 every 2 weeks. As Volunteer work I worked at a summer camp in the kitchen. It was awesome. And technically speaking school.

High school. :sob:


None right now, though I plan on majoring in Game Design, so eventually I will be making Video Games.


I shank people, i get paid.

I help my grandpa whenever he summons me to his job as a carpenter.


I take care of my mom’s dog when she’s out of town. Do volunteer work at my local comic shop. Mostly I 'm still in higschool, so allowance. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read that as Grandma first, making

Kinda questioning.


I’m a lifeguard over the summer when school isn’t a thing.

Does volunteer work count?

I suppose it’s not really a job considering that I get to decide when I go to the place I work.

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I am an expert in the occupation of being a homebody. I physically can’t do any work.

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Nah, I don’t have a job.


I help my grandparents out and do some chores around the hose for allowance. Other than that, don’t have a job. Too focused with school.

My older brother, @ToaKylerak, has an actual job though.

I have no job.
I’m like, too young I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a civil engineer. It’s just like big Lego ( never use one of my bridges).


I’m a swimming instructor

pretty much me

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Well right now, besides my volunteering for the cause of piggyback physics and outspoken MOC critic, I currently have an internship as a video editor.

I sell ice cream.