Wheeled Bioformer and his Buddy

Hi everyone. This is my first post on here.

I’ve created a bioformer and a small buddy for him, but I don’t have names for them at the moment. The bioformer was inspired by the creations of @andyroomocs on Instagram. I have the same username (captain_subtle) on Instagram.

It was really tough to get the bioformer to stand up in humanoid form, so I made leg supports attached to the back. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult (or impossible) to turn him back into a vehicle with these supports still attached, so I remove them.

If I had more pieces then I could take a picture of the bioformer standing up next to his buddy, but I used the pieces from the bioformer leg supports to make the small one. I’m not quite happy with the small one’s colour scheme but I might fix that when I get more pieces.


Nice job! The model looks great in both humanoid form and vehicle form, and it’s mask and build really resemble actual transformers. The only thing that I dislike is the feet, but maybe it’s strange shape is necessary for allowing the model to transform (?).

You said you didn’t have a name for these guys. Are you open to suggestions?


Thanks very much! I’m glad you like it.

I get what you mean. The Toa Mata feet are a bit haphazardly attached to the Inika feet. Perhaps I could use different pieces there, like a Slizer foot if it provides enough stability when standing. The whole piston and Mata foot section is removed when transforming into vehicle mode.

I’m definitely open to suggestions for names! :slight_smile:



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