Wheeling and dealing

Anybody here buy at thrift stores or garage sales for cheap, and sell for a profit? This has been something I want to try, at least until I get a job. What about y’all?

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Never sold much, (simply not had the opportunity), but I love looking for things in thrift stores I could potential turn-over. Anything from collectibles to old tech. Nothing feels better than plugging in old tech and watching it boot up after years of disuse.

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I once bought 92 bionicle sets for $200 and sold them all for a $500 profit

Otherwise you have to be very patient with your hunting and intelligent with what you buy


I gotta get by a thrift store and look for sports/nascar memorabilia. A friend of mine gets stuff, especially shoes, boots, and hats, dirt cheap at thrift stores and turns it for really good profit

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I mostly try and pick up books by Anne McCaffery.

Almost everything here was acquired from thrift shops, with the exception of my 2 sets of the Harper Hall trilogy.

The gem (heh, pun) of the group is my special book-club, first print run of Crystal Singer.

Though my favorite might be the “DragonHarper” RPG/Choose-your-adventure book. I have trouble finding much record of it online.

Anytime I go to any thrift shop I keep an eye out for these, since my mom and I both enjoy collecting them.

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got this at the thrift store. Early 70s Ludwig Vistalite. $4 for a $200-$400 snare once restored

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You’re telling me that not an ancient electrical reactor meant to harness energies theorized by benjamin franklin and buried in the american mideast to be uncovered as part of a genius scheme to revitalize ronald reagan


I mean it might be

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