When is TheShadowedOne1's Salvation 6 and Time Trap coming out??

Hi.i just signed in and I NEED to know when time trap and salvation five or six is coming out.


I don’t know, but I’ll ping him so that he’s notified of this topic


Haha, a friend of mine notified me of this topic on Discord so I had to come here in person to answer it.

In simplest terms, when they’re finished. SALVATION is about 85% completed in terms of production aka filming aka taking the images to create the stop-motion. When that’s completed (hopefully sometime in early 2022) and I begin the final post production process (which is easy because I love editing) will BIONICLE: Time Trap even begin filming itself.

My biggest mistake in all my life is putting dates on trailers or videos when I know I can’t meet them. That’s life. I’ve got my BA in Film and am currently freelancing as an editor, a PA, sound mixer/editor, and a various other positions. I work for 5 different organizations and people in order to sustain myself such as paying for rent. When you have to pay for rent, you’ll understand. You have to survive.

Despite that, SALVATION #6 is always on mind and I will complete it. It’s my life’s work. I feel after working on it for 10 years of my life to give up now would be paramount to treason of who I am. That won’t happen. It just takes time and the right moment to shoot. But it WILL BE RELEASED… and hopefully for free.

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