When Pigs Lie

“You hiding something from me, Hogden? You’re sweating like a… well, you know.”

My entry into Bio-Cup R3.
Theme: Blood, Sweat, Tears
Sub-theme: Sweat


Ah I really like the parts usage and level of character portrayed on this moc. Nice job!

This. This I love! Great work on this! The characters are amazing! It reminds me of The Far Side, how it has animals in the same situation as a human, with dark and hilarious results.

“This little piggy had pork for dinner…”


A little system heavy for Bio-Cup but the idea is great, I love the wires attached to his two digit trotter(? idk man) hand.


ok this - this is awseome!

This is such a smart build. Really liking it, especially the little drips of sweat on the floor. Really great job.

I love their expressions!

really cool build!

Those are some nice pigs.
The tables and chairs are great too.

Those pig faces are amazing.