When will the Canon Contest discussion topics return?

When will the canon contest related discussion threads be unlocked?

probably when the contests start again, or shortly before they start.

So maybe in a few days or weeks.


It would be before, since there’s a lot of discussion pertaining to the Hagah still to be had.


These Contests intentionally got delayed until Metru March, didn’t they?

In one of the Nak & Jay episodes they said that it might not be until April or May that the contests return. And seeing as how there hasn’t been an official statement that the contests would be returning in March, or that the topic has been unlocked, I’d wager that we’re still a ways off.


inb4 the canon contests are cancelled


Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. Last time it was March-ish now it’s April or May? I was joking about the Lariska contest happening in 2050 but right now I don’t think I was that far off.

Worst part is next it is the toa hagah. Character I do not care about in the slightest.

They really are procrastinating on opening the flood gates on the Metru-build discourse, huh.

If I were them I’d do the same. You just know some people will get toxic with that discussion. Let them take all the time they need to mentally prepare themselves for moderating that.

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Look at our channel over the previous three weeks.

Define procrastination.


They were talking specifically about the contests, not the channel in general.

Procrastination may have been the wrong word, but I don’t think they intended to accuse anyone of being lazy/unproductive.


I interpreted Eljay’s statement to mean that they are procrastinating the contests by doing other stuff.


We are busy with other things. We have not had the time to attend to the contests returning.

I’m closing this topic. They’ll start up when we’re ready for them to.