Whenua, hero of Metru Nui

After seeing a Toa Hagah revamp by another member of these Boards, ( Master @Gigamesh) I decided to make this guy:

Toa Whenua, one of the few characters that I had enough armor for. I have upgraded him to Inika scale pretty accurately, I believe, as he is still on the short end of that scale, as seen in this picture:

He now has poseable shoulders, and working hands, though there is a slight limitation on how far up and down the shoulders can move due to the design of the Metru shoulder armor. With that, I will leave you the rest of my pictures of him, and wait for C’n’c!


Nice work! I really like how the metru chest is integrated, very clean :+1:


Thank you! It’s the first time I’ve attempted a project like this, and I am glad that it worked out well.

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The silhouette is very Metru like, however, I think there a few things that could be changed fairly easily. For starters, I think changing out the forearms for something shorter would be good. Metru builds are typically proportioned well in the arm and leg scale, whereas here the arms are much longer.

The lower leg design works well enough for Whenua, but if you did plan to do more of these, I would suggest something less bulky, and more similar to the original piece used on the lower leg of the Metru.

Finally, just slapping a larger piece on the back to help cover it up would be a good idea too.

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Thank you. I will take those points into consideration.

Looking good, but the arms may be too long/legs too short. But otherwise it looks pretty nice.

This looks really good to me. The size is well achieved, and the torso design is great. I kinda expect/want there to be a Metrutoran torso on the front, but I’m not sure how feasible it is with the build. I also personally am leery of the actual shoulder construction, but it does what it’s supposed to and looks good. Nice work!

When I first looked at this I was like “what do ya mean this is just Metru Whenua”.
That goes to show how good of a revamp this is.

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I fixed the size of his forearms. I will post pictures as soon as I am able. Thanks for the praise. I didn’t realize how well I had built this.

Here are the updates:

I have upgraded the arms to better reflect his increased strength and the set’s proportions.