Where are all the younger fans?

Yo doods,

I’ve liked bionicle on and off since around 2009, but i’ve noticed that the community (instagram & youtube) feels a bit un-relatable because of my age. I’m like 14 lol, and I can understand I’m young, but was just wondering if there are any other younger Bionicle fans out there?


I am 14 too! And you will have no problem being young here… I also only got into LEGO in 2010…

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I’m not 14, but I’m not far off…

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Part of the problem is that Bionicle is an old, discontinued line; there aren’t a lot of new, young members because there isn’t new content, per se, being released.

What part of Bionicle are you most interested in? MOCing, artwork, lore, etc?


I am also 14!
Mostly, though, the community is made up of older people, maybe in their 20s who can afford loads of bionicle. Plus, the younger fans aren’t allowed on as many websites.
I am not allowed on Flickr or Instagram, for example.

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I’m pretty much the same age as you

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I am younger fan and I am a little sad I began on lego Only in 2010!!!:sweat: At least I am trying to collect as much as old Bionicle as I can.

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There were days when 14 was not considered a young fan at all in the Bionicle community… but I don’t see many fans below that age anymore; being so young even at the very end of the theme reduces the chances of still participating in its fandom 8 (almost 9!) years after the fact. Give it another five years and nearly everyone will be in their twenties.

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18 over here, and I know there’s plenty of younger out on Youtube/other platforms. Problem is TTV isn’t the most known out of them.

I mean, I wouldn’t have ever even found out about it if it hand’t been for another friend who already used this site, and told me about it.

15-year-old boi here. I can still kind of relate.

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i am 16

Oh my gosh… I’M OLD. I gotta calculate an average age here…

Can you give me an exact number?


How old are you?

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I’ll be 21 in January

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That’s pretty good.
Not too young, but not one of the veterans of the LEGO world.
I’d say that’s around the prime time for most builders, too.

I feel the same way man




that’s funny

In all seriousness, I’m glad to have all you young guys (and maybe girls) here. BIONICLE may not be a continuing line, but the community is far from dying.

I assume most of you got your introduction to the line through BIONICLE G2? If not, then how?


Big ol’ 1 7 here, but What people said here is true. I only learned about BIONICLE in 2009 when a family friend got me a set thinking “oh, this is LEGO, he likes LEGO.” And only learned more about it around 2013. I think some of the younger fans might have just never been exposed to TTV, and are less plentiful because, let’s be honest, BIONICLE is older than them and likely was canceled before they ever got the chance to hear about it, and it’s not like G2 helped with that with its lack of marketing.


I’m two.


@Hawkflight My first set was Mahri Jaller, but I wanted Inika Jaller because he lights up. My brother got Hali.

@Da_Stronk_Destroyer You poor, traumatized boy

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