Where can I buy cla$$ic space?

yeah so, my little brother was looking for a small classic space set he could afford,you guys know a good site to buy those?

i’ve tried looking on bricklink but that site is horrible, my dad wasn’t even able to get to the checkout because something always got messed up, that and the shipping cost is probably like over 20$ anyway

the dollar signs in the title are there cause the site thought it was, yknow, that word


we europeans have it hard to find cheap sets, maybe Ebay or some second hand store/app?

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yeah we’ve looked on ebay, but the prices are a bit high so were hoping to find them cheaper somewhere else

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There’s Bricks and Minifigs. They usually have reasonable prices. There’s only one in Canada, though.


I don’t know what happened to your Bricklink, but mine works fine. Usually that’s the best kinda place, though my next best would be Ebay. You could maybe find a cheap-ish set if you look enough. I’ve found plenty. I don’t really know anywhere else, and Idk if you can go to toy fairs n stuff, that’s where I go to get a lot of mine.

Best of luck!


Bricks and minifigs, as cocoa said

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people, let me remind you ghosty is french

I think he is atleast

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i’m in quebec, which is in canada



Im shocked, I thoght you were french, I was wrong all along, now, let me run home ashamed,

god dang it now I look like an idiot

I should have read man