Where Can I Download Bonkle Games?

I've been having trouble getting a hold of some Bonkle games. I've been to the BMP site, but when I download it, the download gets blocked, saying it has malicious software.
Something of note: I'm using Google chrome, I also have Kaspersky installed but the subscription's out.
Please send me a link or somethin' for the downloads for MNOG, VNOG, or piraka attack, if you have any. Thanks!

A good place to find all the BIONICLE Online Games is BioMedia Project.


I'm sure you can bypass the block in some way.

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There's BOGA, which I used for most of my downloads.
I believe it has a complete collection of all Bionicle web games, even the misc ones that nobody really talked about. They may have removed that though. Nevertheless, it contains all of the Bionicle online games.
I'd recommend you check it out. Unless you get the same malicious content warning. Even if you do, it's probably your browser being overtly conscious about not ruining you computer.

EDIT: So I was dumb and didn't check the download links. Supposedly the creator of the project's hosting services used for downloading the files have been shut down, and after the project as a whole being shut down, there's pretty much no hope for it. Sorry for maybe getting your hopes up. :crying_cat_face:

Could you elaborate on how the download gets blocked? There should be someway to still download the file.

When I try to download, it says that the file has malicious software, and doesn't allow me to do anything about it.

Hmm... I remember there being a setting to stop Chrome from doing that.
Let me do some research, I'll try and get some info on this.

Found it! Downloaded MNOG, and it's running smooth as it can. Once I finish it, I'll pop in VNOG, see how that works. For now, I'll call up a mod. This topic is now invalid. :stuck_out_tongue:


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