Where can I watch Ninjago seasons 8 & 9?

I’ve lost track of the show and would like to catch up. Anybody have a clue where I can find these seasons?

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You can either wait for a digital/dvd release or just watch a poor record on Youtube before takedown. :spy:


I think I’ll wait till dvd/digital, any clue when that might be?

You can find season 8 on various cartoon websites, though not season 9. I use Kimcartoon (on this site season 8 is listed as 9).

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Pirating is the option to go. Also I believe the CN site used to have digital streaming available for Ninjago but I haven’t been on the site in ages.


They’re also on Google Play.

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Oh cool

I think Cartoon Network Asia uploaded season 9 (Hunted) on YouTube

They are available 780p on YouTube. This is how I watched them. (I don’t know if they are still on now, but I always watched them the day they got uploaded)

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