Where can you find the Agil Polybag

Now, I can’t find no links to the Agil Polybag, not even Ebay that I can find. Now I know it is available in Russia, Would you know when it suppose to come out, I do have the Skull Scorpion but not Agil.

You get it with the second issue of the magazine.
However, since Bionicle has been cancelled, I doubt we’ll ever see that issue.

Then it seems that I am gonna scavenge some parts in sets. That explain why, I couldn’t find it.

The Agil polybag (should) come out on the 26 October hopefully!


…Um I didn’t see that coming, I don’t have words to say but ok now I can’t wait, that is all I can say, I can’t wait to find it on Ebay, before the year is over. Thank you for the release date :slight_smile:

“It seems our adventures are just beginning!”
Ends the next year

But yeah, what that says


that is just in the first half of 2015 after the defeat of the LOSS

Where in America can I get this!? Or can someone come up with a parts list so I can give up my money to Bricklink?


It’s at magsdirect.