Where did the spare masks on Mata Nui come from?

Did the Toa Metru just load up, like, 100 spare masks into the air ships? If so, that’s some great foresight, considering they’d never lived someplace that didn’t have a rich and ready supply of liquid protodermis to make new masks from. Also, if that’s not the case, did they go back down the tunnels to Metru Nui each time a Matoran broke a mask?

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I would assume Vakama remember how to make them and made more Kanohi when they arrived.

The Toa Metru brought them. Nokama got all the masks from the Great Temple.
Source: Challenge of the Hordika, pages 34-35.


and they just got the need to hide them?


nah, I think Makuta somehow scattered them.

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