Where do the Skull Creatures come from?

This has been on my mind for awhile now. We have gotten alot of explanation on some of the plot holes in 2015's story but the most obvious plot hole is where the skull creatures come from.


All I know is that Skull Slicer was originally an Arena champion, and was brought back to life to serve Skull Grinder, so there's one, right?


Bingzak: Dad, where do Skull Spiders come from?

Dad: Well when two Lord of Skull Spiders really love each other...

(Lol kidding of course)


I think it has something to do with the G2 red star. But that's only a theory, a Bionicle theory!


I feel like I read somewhere that their origin was going to be written in eventually, maybe the second GN will shed some light.

They appear to be significantly larger than the Protectors so that makes them less likely to be Okotoans. It's also unclear who is created, who is actually risen from the dead, and how their original forms appeared (Did Basher always have horns? Did Slicer always have four arms?)

If I had to make a guess it would be that the Villians were a part of the city and not invaders. This is due to the gravesites, why would the inhabitants respectively bury and mark the graves of their enemies? The Warriors must be the gate defense and foot soldiers, the Scorpios could have migrated from the Stone Region or already at the city serving as watchdogs, Slicer a Hammer Flush gladiator (well that one is obvious), Basher an elite soldier or servant of Grinder, and Kulta could have either been a sorcerer or a military lord.

Basically Roxtus.


I personally think that protector sized villagers once inhabited the city. When they died, their bones were broken apart into pieces and were rearranged by dark magic into a large being.

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I would think that they were created as elite guardians of the city while it was active. That's why they're big, but not quite Toa-sized. I'm with @Triple on this one, though they may have been created by the mask makers to protect the city against... something.


My personal headcanon is that Kulta is actually a warlord from another island, that led the soldiers that later became the Skull Warriors in an attempt to conquer Okoto, but Ekimu and Makuta stopped their advance at the Ancient City.

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My headcanon until proven otherwise is that they were created by Ekimu to guard the Toa's golden masks (which was why there were statues of warrior-like beings around Pohatu's mask shrine), which was why the protectors never got their hands on them. They were not around when the Toa arrived because they most likely died from natural causes after a decades of waiting for the Toa.

From Lego HQ.

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In the IoLM book, living Scorpios were found in the Regions of Earth and Stone.


I'm pretty sure that the book never specified whether they were alive or not.


the black cauldron of course.....

how many remember


I remember. And that's a theory alright.

I've seen a lot of theories on the boards and they all seem a little far fetched

i created this theory as i find it ties in and doesn't make assumptions that are completely far fetched

the ancient city still stands right? there was honestly no reason for the okotans to leave it at all as the battle of the mask makers did nothing in terms of the integrity of the city.

what likely happened was that kulta (alive or not) arrived on the island (from an unknown location) and created the skull creatures (this also includes skull spiders) when he found the mask of creation lost on okoto and then used his new army to take over the city of the mask makers

this would explain how the mask of creation ended up at the city gates. i mean are you telling me that a random explosion landed the mask of creation directly onto a podium on the city's main gateway? i don't think so. also in "the legend" it was shown that the mask of creation was originally lost in the jungle.

so this is what each were created for:

skull basher: to be Skull grinders right hand man and personal enforcer
skull warrior: these were Skull grinders citizens or basic army infantry
skull scorpio: think an evil warlords wolves that sit by his throne. either that or they were simply created as a sort of animal companion for skull warriors
skull slicer: a skull warrior that was accidentally deformed (or maybe intentionally) and was then made an arena champion, learning the game hammer flush from the okotan scripts on the wall. he wore a deceased skull spider as a mask

the skull creatures wear the skulls of okotans they killed (except for basher and scorpio who both have specialised masks created by Kulta) or maybe all the masks were created by kulta to resemble his own

the lord of skull spiders and his skull spider army was created to guard the city from any potential okotan attacks.

after an unknown event, Kulta and his creations all died out. this was except for the lord of skull spiders who somehow survived this event and continued to guard the city. this explains why the lord of skull spiders and his minions were not decaying like the rest of the skull army.

this then brings us to the point where makuta used his spirit to possess Skull Grinders dead body and use it to control his army which were already mentally controlled by him


The ground...

Skull Creatures come from Skull Mommas.


I'm writing a thing that explores Okoto's history. Naturally, it's just fanon, but I like my world building. My ideas:
- Skull Warriors are native to Okoto and began as Okoto Warriors created by Ekimu and "programmed" by Makuta
- Skull Slicer is a possessed gladiator
-Kulta was an actual person
- Basher was a general for Kulta of a race of minotaurs (what I like to call Nektaurs)
- Scorpios are animals bred by Kulta's people as war machines.