Where do you buy your LEGO?

I buy my Lego from several places. My brand store, amazon, and my local target is where is usually go. There is just one thing… MY TARGET SUCKS! They are just now stocking the August 1st wave of sets, while i’m trying to buy Minifigures series 12 and Mixels 3. I’m trying to do target since some of them are selling minfigures for the old 2.99 price instead of $4.


I buy sets from a Lego store in a nearby city.

I am a Target employee and am highly offended by this :stuck_out_tongue:
Jk, the only reason I work there is 15% off bionicle 2015.


That’s a sweet deal! (But my target won’t get them til February at their current rate.)

I go to Target, and if they don’t have what I need, I go online.


I usually order online, but when I’m in a hurry I go to my local Target, which unfortunately takes about a month to get new sets.

I usually buy from whichever place has the cheapest prices or the best deal. I got my Inika from Fred Meyer because they had a buy one, get one free sale. But it truly depends on where you get them for the best price, which is what matters most to me.

Let’s see if I remember where I bought the majority of my stuff at…
2004 - Bi-Mart
2005 - Bi-Mart
2006 - Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart
2007 - Walmart
2008 - Legoland and Wal-Mart
2009 - Birthday and Christmas
2015 - Most likely Fred Meyer. Toys R Us, or Target is where I’ll buy them. Plus, Toys R Us and Target sometimes have exclusives for their stores.

Walmart, always walmart.

Amazon and/or EBay

Though most of my Bionicle 2015 I hope to get from the LEGO Store in NY.

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sets in December!


Target. Close to my house and red’s probably my favorite color.

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LEGO.com, Amazon.com, or just Wherever My Parents Happen To Take Me.

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I get them from whenever I can. Luckily, my local Target is always up to date, and that’s my preferred place to buy. My nearest Lego stores are both a two hour drive, so I tend to buy a lot when I go there. Toys R Us usually gets them the earliest, but they are historically over-priced there, and it’s kind of a pain to drive over there (very busy mall area). I prefer to wait two days for Target to get them, where the drive is quartered and the sets are the usual retail price. Wal-mart is extremely inconsistent in my experience going there, so that’s a last resort. I generally don’t order online.

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Usually from Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Amazon.com, and eBay.

I bought a lot of my Bionicle sets from Target, but the Target that was closest to us closed down several years ago.

I get them anywhere. My favorite places to buy them are at the Lego store :smiley:

The magical realm of the webernet. It is the only fair and just place for such transactions.

I have never bought anything online before. But I’m sure my parents have.

To be honest, since BIONICLE has ended, I had not really bought much Lego. My parents got me that stuff for Christmas.

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Whatever I had a gift card for. :stuck_out_tongue:
But a lot of the sets I got as gifts.

My Target is a boss when it comes to Mega Bloks Halo, HF is the only lacking one in terms of Lego lines.

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