Where Do You Get Your Pieces?

To get pieces for my MOCs, I usually use Ebay to get pieces. Which do you use?

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I always use bricklink, so I get specifically what I want.

that, and sets.

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Thank you Chilly.

Also, I personally use Ebay to get pieces because I can get lots of pieces in one purchase.

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I use eBay as well.
I find it fun looking to see what good pieces you find in a bin of pieces😂

Remember that one meme?


Everywhere. Anywhere.
Wherever I can get the pieces I need.

I used to use eBay, but lately I’ve been using Bricklink.

I steal them from infants.


I find them on the street.

In reality most of my pieces come from destroyed Lego set I can never hope to rebuild.

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Either from new sets or on eBay.

I used to use Ebay quite a bit, but ended up deciding that I had enough Vahki limbs to last a lifetime.

I recommend Bricklink if you already have an idea of what you need.

Otherwise, sets are nice, though I suppose we won’t be getting many more of them.


I usually get parts on eBay, but I’ll also sometimes find sets on sale and buy duplicates for moccing parts.

I get part lot’s on Ebay, and sometimes I find a bag of parts at a garage sale.

Ebay, Bricklink, or retail stores.

Bricklink, sets and flea market. Sooo fun finding old bionicles!


I usually just get parts from sets, but I do make the occasional pickabrick order.

I mostly just buy extras of sets, and occasionally harvest parts from old ones.

For individual new sets, I went to the local Walmart. For bulk orders of collection completing sets, eBay. Individual parts to complete mocs, Bricklink.


From sets