Where does fungi stand in Bionicle?

Hi Greg.
Several of us fans have been discussing where fungi stand in the Bionicle Universe.

  1. Do they play a role in the ecosystem of the Matoran Universe, as decomposers?

  2. Do they exist on SM/AM? (We have seen mushroom-like things in Onu-Wahi of Quest for the Toa (GBA game) and The Legend of Mata Nui, the cancelled 2001 PC game.)

  3. Are they controllable (and/or creatable) by Toa of the Green?

  4. Is it just a mundane, non-plantlife substance (or a non-Toa element, like Sand)?

  5. Is it an element? This question is not predicated only on the Green’s elemental limitations; fungi is a much more versatile element than you might think! The main utilities of a fungi element we’ve been discussing are:
    – Spores
    – Hallucinations, for use in non-harmful takedowns
    – Cordyceps (like a Komau’s mind control)
    – Massive fungi as shelter (based on the trope of mushroom forests and houses from modern video games, but also prototaxites — the prehistoric mushroom “trees”)
    Folks are recalling you saying you didn’t want to add any more elements — but if you rejected fungi on the grounds of it not being powerful or versatile enough I think this debate would persist for years.

Please give us your say on this!