"Where I come from we call him the Flame of the South. Lerik, Toa of fire."



The way Lerik came into existence was out of pure necessity in my opinion. I was browsing my shelf of mocs one day and noticed I had not build a Toa of fire...


So I immediately got to work on creating Lerik. My main goal was to try and make him strikingly red. Like, really red.

I think I succeeded in that area, but what do you guys think about the other areas of the moc?


Long name amazing results

But in all seriousness, I really like this moc, it has a good flow to it.

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This MOC has a really nice flow to it, and a good amount of red. The thighs are a bit gappy, but the rest of the MOC looks great.

Also, where did you get the red Matau blades?

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I was wondering the same thing but I think they might be painted

Pretty sure the're from the Axalara set; that's the only place I see them coming from.
Edit; just looked it up: Exo Force Grand Titan... Drat, JMP beat me to it.

Strikingly red indeed, sir. No orange, no yellow, no metallic accents. Heck, a halfway blend between this and Uniter Tahu's would be like the perfect color palette for a Toa of Fire... o wait, 2015 Tahu already got it right :P. Solid construction on Lerik here, though, and he seems pretty nicely proportioned apart from the fact that his chest armor seems to sit a bit high...

Well done.

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Nice looking moc!

Interesting to see the blades and the mask

BTW about the blades, they also came from Exo Force sets

Too red, he's practically monotone.
I feel it really needs a second color.

Yeah, I think he looks far too red as well. Maybe something metallic to balance him out? Apart from that, he's got a really solid build, some neat looking weapons and a real feel of bulk to him. (^_^)-b

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My username appreciates this guy ^.^

That is true it came with an Exo Force set

but mine are broken but I might get a new one

With only red and black, he is rather boring to look at, but a good moc aside from that. Just give him some color

A Toa of Fire with a red Kakama and dual wielding swords, huh? I wonder where that's been done before.

/s his MOC is pretty cool, even if it's very similar to my older Self-MOCs

Also my Self-MOC doesn't even dual wield anymore

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While he could use a secondary color to compliment the red, I do find his build to be solid overall.

The build is really nice. Needs a bit more black in the shins.

The red blades are from an old exo-force set.

This is amazing!

Am I the only one to notice that the LE in his name is kinda weird?

Names aren't restricted by region.

7701 Sand Titan

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The upper torso is brilliant.
Not huge on the upper legs.