Where is the Legends of Chima™. The book of CHI

i have been trying to find a store online who sells this book, but i find notting. Only on Amazone do i find one copy, but its a french version, but on all other places there are little to no info, just the name lead me to no other pages for it, but instead leads me to other sites that sells the book the QUEST for CHI.

Do anyone know someplace that sells this book in english?

here are the covers to the books:

First version

Second version

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This is the first time I've ever heard of it.

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yeah, me too.

when i first saw it though, i could not help but want it because it looks so good.

everyplace i have looked (which is one place that these images originate from) does not sell these books in english

Amazone have only the first version, and that one is in french.

My suggestion then is to learn French.

noooo :< i want it in english.

my search for this books have made me feel like this now.

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What's the book about?

from the description

The Book of CHI” is an illustrated guide of the legendary world of Chima. It reveals lots of secrets about this amazing land and invites to visit the undiscovered parts of it. Chima was once a pristine paradise where all the animals lived peacefully in harmony. But one day a huge tornado extracted a mountain from the mainland. This rock majestically floats in the air and its CHIfalls are the source of the life-giving energy. The animals that drank this water turned into two-legged creatures. Soon they discovered that they can do things that before they could only dream of. Everything changed in Chima…The book is full of fascinating descriptions of the land, interesting facts and legends about the battling tribes, their vehicles, habits and weapons. It also reveals the cause of the conflict over the life-giving CHI.

so basicly its some form of a information book. the second version is an updated version.

here is the link to the only site that has the info


The real question is IF it has an English Version.
It probably does...

trust me it does, i have seen the inside of the english version on the site that has the info.

That is what irritates me, where is it. its as if it never existed.

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I dont believe they ever released it in English. It's like the Chima graphic novels, you can find pages on the internet but very few, if any, shops sell them.

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Then why make the book if they would not release them?

and how am i then suppost to find the books? must i go and ask LEGO personaly?

also, another thing... i when back and checked, there where no new version on the amazone shop page, i could only buy a used version of the french book.

what is it with this book and why is there so little info about it?

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Well, their markt is not just English-Speakin' Peeps.

Well, you could learn French.

This could mean the 2014 copy was limited or not sold at all.

i still find the hole thing with these books not having much info about them to be odd, only one site have the images of them, but even then it little to no info about them, only images.

but this still infuriates me that if what you say is true, then people put this much work into those books only for LEGO to lock them up in some vault or throw all that work away. because reasons.

Theres is so little info about these books, its as if they never even existed.

i just when ahead and wrote to LEGO to ask about this book, now i must just whait for an answer.

also i noticed something about the books spine, look at the lower part of the books spine... Thats the logo for AMEET, the name for the site where i found the info about these books, so it would seem like these books where made or at least released by them, but again, there is noting on the site that says that the books can be bought,

Chima has/had books ? O.o

Of course. A lot of LEGO Themes have books, from Preschool level to a few even being aimed for AFOLs.


Ah okay, thanks. ^^
I only knew that it had a show but I didnT knew about the books.

I saw this book at my bookstore once. They only had one copy.

its strange that no other place on the internet do there exist info about this book

(que random commenter who says that the reason is because Chima sucks)

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its cuz chima sukz