Where to buy more bionicle parts?

I need to find a good place to buy more bionicle parts so i can build!


Try Ebay

or some other bidding site

maybe a local swapmeat?

it’s pretty easy

well depending on your money

I am looking but pretty skeptical about some

Bricklink is your best friend
keep it close
or you may end up having to search for 2 hours just to find a specific piece.


You can get specific lego pieces from Bricklink, can’t you?


Interesting hmmm…

Yes you can

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eBay and Bricklink, I’d say those are your best options

Go on eBay! They have an amazing parts lot selection at this moment!*

Second hand shops like Value Village are fine places to find old Bonkle stuff.

ebay for full sets, bricklink for parts, especially obscure ones

also this site is VERY helpful if you want to figure out the specific name/ID number of a part

just search for any set, and it’ll give you a complete list of parts included in the set.