Where to download the MNOG soundtrack?

I’m surprised there isn’t already a topic for this. Maybe it’s because I’m too cautious/lazy to do it myself. Are there any sites to download the soundtrack without the fear of viruses and preferably without creating some kind of account? More importantly in my case, is there a place to download them on mobile?

The BioMedia project has you covered.



It’s not loading on my iPad…

I’ll probably see if I could download them from my computer.

I don’t know why, but it says that biomedia is "dangerous " on my PC. And I have some fear about downloading something fom there.

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It’s probably because Biomedia isn’t bad licensed by anything and that’s the usual prompt for downloading things from those kinda places.
I sometimes even get the prompt when downloading things from Blizzard and stuff of the like.

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So I don’t need to be frightened anymore maybe