Where to find discounted Bionicle?

So I was listening to TTV episode 190, And Meso mentioned that he got a discounted Gali for five bucks at Target. now as a young, unemployed teen, who is an avid MOCist and is interesting in collecting these new sets and their parts. This sounded awesome! but I do not have a Target near me, so I was wondering if the good people of the message boards could help me here.

Which stores sell discounted Bionicle, and at what price?


Wouldn’t it be easier to look up the prices for Bionicles on website belonging to stores that are in your area, rather then posting the question here and waiting for answers?

I thought posting it here would also help others. (Maybe)

But again. They could just do what I suggested.

Discounts all the Bionicle sets.
It’s sad…


Goodwill, Craigslist, yard sales, flea markets. Out of these sources, use Craiglist first and check it often. It’s extremely rare that you’ll find better deals at stores although it does happen just after Christmas time and Black Friday. My local TRU is offering the 2015 sets on a slight 20% off clearance though honestly that’s not a good deal and you would be better off just bricklinking the parts you need from a reasonable seller.


This can be discussed ELSEWHERE, sir. Like in the site glitches category.

It depends on where you are. Like my local Walmart has only the skull villains on sale, while the Lego store that’s somewhat close-by has all the 2015 sets that they have in stock half off, and sets like Uniter Pohatu and Ketar on sale.


Obviously WalMart is the way to go.


Sorry. I was trying to look at the topic and wanted to ask a quick question. I also thought it would be easier to get a simple question answered than start a topic.

I usually find cheaper sets at target in the Clarence section or on bricklin. Hope that helps.

Well, I went to my local grocery store once and saw some shelves of 2015 winter sets for 12 bucks. Including Tahu.

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