Where to find files for Stud.io parts

Since Stud.io is missing some parts that I need for some of my projects, I’ve tried looking online for the files of the parts that i need. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything, not to mention I don’t know how to import them even if I did find them. So I figured I might as well ask here since I don’t know what to do.

I’m looking specifically for parts 44813 (Takanuvas spear)…


and part 28631 (the helmet used for the Invincible Iron Man minifigure).


I’ve seen a few mocs in Stud.io that have used these parts, so I’m sure these parts can be imported somehow. Does anyone know where I could find these parts?


The Takanuva piece can be found here. This link leads to an explanation and a download for how to import the bionicle part you want. Regretfully it’s a reddit link. This parts pack also has lots of other bionicle pieces.

The helmet can be found on mecabricks. MB works similar to studio but is in-browser only. MB has lots of licensed and printed parts, but to download those and put them into studio is a whole other very tedious process. If you aren’t familiar with file types and texturing, I wouldn’t bother with it. If you do end up trying to import any pieces from MB, be sure to resize them at 250% when you import to parts designer.


Thanks for the help! I got the part pack downloaded and it’s working good. I’ll take a stab at downloading the MB parts, but I’ll cut it short if it’s as hard as it sounds. Thanks again!

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Reddit, for G1 masks

While we’re on the subject,
Is there a place I can find some ultrabuild capes, Knight’s Kingdom armor, and Skakdi spines & weapons for Stud.io?


I had a dream last night where there were more bionicle pieces in Stud.io :grinning:


bro if any yall have figured out that iron man helmet and have a studio parts file or a good idea of how to get one lemme know pls

nvm i found int on meca bricks it just took me a while to figure out how to do it lol