Where to learn more about Bionicle lore and story?

Does anyone know where Bionicle set collectors can learn more about the lore and story of this great series? I've been buying the sets for years but never got into the story. Were should I start? What should I look for? Is it even possible to catch up at this point?

As the reboot of this very series is upon us, you wont be able to enjoy the full expirience, but however, you can visit BionicleSector01 for all the lore on every single character and everything the bionicle universe had to offer. But this is just a wiki, so you wont enjoy the story in itself.

To do that, you can either buy the books of amazon, they are very cheap, you can get all the story books for approximatly 30 cents (excluding shipping) and they are substantially big, averaging about 100 pages each, so you have 3000 pages of awesomness ahead.

For all the other expiriences, such as the games, serials, comics and all that fun stuff, you can visit the BioMedia Project, they have it all, so you should check that out too.

Hope i was helpfull, and don't forget to buy the upcoming sets to keep bionicle alive !


Thank you! I'll be definitely getting the books and checking out those websites. And I'll be buying all of the new sets once they come out even if they're not as good as everyone is expecting, gotta show Lego we're still interested :3

Oh, and the serials from BionicleStory.com should be on BS01, and/or the Bionicle Wiki if you wish to read them. Or, they should be on YouTube, if these serials were read by Greg and any others.

What are the serials?

It's not yet certain that the 2015 line up will be a reboot for all we know it could be a continuation, but after all all we can do now is just speculate.

Let's just say that TTV hears your cries and have been working long and hard on a solution. Expect it soon.

Biosector01 is by far the most reliable and organized site for learning about the bionicle universe. Anywhere else I just don't find as trust worthy. Plus its easier to read I think. Though fair warning, the story gets really confusing and convoluted later on, so much so that there's still stuff I'm learning about after all these years, and I followed Bionicle from the first year. stuck_out_tongue

I've been following since the start too but I never concentrated on the story as I was quite young, I just loved the sets

BS01 is the best Bionicle wiki out there.

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2007's serials were Dreams of Destruction, which was the story of Toa Lesovikk's attempts to save Mahri Nui from Karzahni, Into the Darkness, which was a podcast and the story of Matoro and the Maxilos robot released as a titan in that year prior to the release of the eight Bionicle Legends book, and Gali Nuva's Blog, which was the record of the Toa Nuva's mission to repair the universe.
2008's spring serials were Federation of Fear, where Brutaka leads a crack team of villains to find the old leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Dark Mirror, where Takanuva finds himself in an empire lead by corrupt Toa, and The Mutran Chronicles, where Makuta Mutran reminisces of the past of the brotherhood.
The summer serials for 2008 were Brothers in Arms, featuring the two Matoran from the two smaller vehicles, Vultraz from the Skyfighter set and Mazeka from the Swamp Strider, Destiny War, which focuses on the war between the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta, and Dwellers In Darkness, where the Toa Hagah (first released as the Rahagah in 2005; Norik and Iruini were the special edition sets of that year, with the spears and Rhotuka Spinner shields) searching for Makuta Teridax.
Other serials for that year were Takanuva's Blog, The Kingdom, Bionicle: The Truth and Bionicle: The Rising.
2009's serials were Empire of the Skrall, which was about, well, the Skrall, and their leader, Tuma, Riddle of the Great Beings, which was about the Agori, Reign of Shadows, which is about the Matoran Universe after Makuta Teridax took control of the Mata Nui robot, and Sahmad's Tale, which talked about the dreams of his tribe; the wiped out Iron Tribe.
Finally, we're at 2010. The end of Bionicle. First off, the Mata Nui Saga, a blog similar to Gali Nuva's from 07 or Takanuva's from 08, only this is read by Mata Nui's VA from The Legend Reborn, Michael Dorn. Then there are The Powers That Be and The Yesterday Quest, both of which sadly went unfinished, and, with BionicleStory.com being taken down last year like the main website, probably never will be.
Note that these are merely side-stories; while still canon, they're more focused on the side characters.

It's so cool to see somebody just getting into the story. If you're looking for an order of things, here's how it goes...

-Bionicle Chronicles Books #1-4 (2001-2002)
-Mask of Light (2003)
-Bionicle Adventures Books #1-10 (2004-2005)
-Bionicle Legends Books #1-11 (2006-2008)
-Bionicle: Raid on Vulcanus, Bionicle: The Crossing, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (2009)
-Bionicle Journey's End (2010) (This book can be found on BS01, since it was originally only released in Poland, weird, I know)

As for short stories, and story serials, here's how it works.

During 2007, Greg wrote several story serials online. These serials were written from the viewpoints of characters less-relevant to the main plot, thus unworthy of being put into actual books. Fans loved the idea of reading regular chapters online, so they continued this through 2010. Addionally, there were podcast serials (In which Greg read and acted the characters out aloud).

There were five sets of story serials. The ideal way you'll want to read these is with the following books

(Read after you've finished Legends 6-8) Set 1: Dreams of Destruction, Into the Darkness, Toa Nuva Blog
(After Legends 9) Set 2: Federation of Fear, The Mutran Chronicles, Dark Mirror
(After Legends 10-11) Set 3: Dwellers in Darkness, Destiny War, Brothers in Arms
(After Raid on Vulcanus, The Crossing, and The Legend Reborn) Set 4: Empire of the Skrall, Riddle of the Great Beings, Reign of Shadows
(After Journey's End) Set 5: Sahmad's Tale, The Powers That Be, The Yesterday Quest

Note: The Powers That Be and The Yesterday Quest, were never actually finished. They were cut off because Lego stopped funding the Bionicle website, and because Greg never got around to finishing them.

There were also some short stories written by Greg.

Lastly, there were several contests hosted that had some short stories accepted into canon.

Hope this answers your questions!

I recognize everything here...except "Bionicle: The Truth" and "Bionicle: The Rising". Not sure what either of these are. Never heard of them.

Thank you so so much! This is really helpful to me and I'll be ordering the books on amazon as soon as I can :3

They were narrated podcasts the described how Teridax took over the Mata Nui Robot (The Truth) and the rising of the physical form of Mata Nui (The Rising).

I figured that out awhile back stuck_out_tongue These weren't really "story serials" they were more like videos.