Where to start when you want to get into the G1 story

Ive been a bionicle fan sice it first came out and I own all the movies but I dont know to much about the extend continuity I want to delve further in then the movies where should I start?

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Well the best I can suggest is reading the bionicle books which you can download here:
Bionicle Chronicles
Bionicle Adventures
Bionicle Legends
Bionicle Bara Magna
Many people have been wanting to read the BIONICLE novels, so here they are. All of them.
I had to take pictures instead of...


Read the books and you are set.

Books should be good, afterwords you might want to read some of the story serials.

Thanks for the reasource

No problem, only reason I had that link is cause i was reading through the books I couldent buy…

everybody saying “Read the Books”

######I think the comics are better for getting into the story…


The books are always the best.

I might go ahead and mention that the current form of bionicle is a reboot of the original story, boasting two books to its predecessor’s 18 or so.

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I know that it’s a reboot currently. Around the time the reboot happened it occurred to me I got a lot of the sets but never really read any of the books and only read the comics but I didn’t even get them consistently so the story for me was only connected by the movies but I found a good resource for the comics. I also discovered TTVs youtube channel thanks to the reboot and well became less of a lurker really recently.
(Ill link them incase others would like to look or are like me http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/comics/)


Personally, I’d recommend starting out with the first comics, stopping at number 15 or so. That’ll give you the basic idea of the early years. From there, you can play the Mata Nui Online Game (Biomedia has it) to get more of the early worldbuilding, or read the Bionicle Chronicles book series to get more in-depth versions of the early storylines. After that (2004 onward, basically), books are the way to go.

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Couldn’t agree more more, I haven’t read many of the comics yet but that’s next on my list of Bionicle media and hopefully @asmansa will have as much fun reading the books as I have! also on a side note I just finished reading Legends #8: Downfall probably one of my favorites so far!

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Definitely the comics and books, they provide what I believe to be the most story potential in any Bionicle related media.

Start out playing MNOG, move on to the comics, and finally the books.

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Start at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start.

Spent the next 3 weeks on BS01. thats how I refreshed my memory. and also ended up visiting almost every page on it…