Which 2015 set is your favorite?

No, you cannot in fact talk about any 2015 LEGO set because this topic is in the BIONICLE category. :slight_smile:

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The only one that I can make out is the tahu, so I’m gonna say tahu…


I’m really loving the Jungle defender, and the defenders in general. But I have a soft spot for bows, especially electric bows, so he (or she, we never know) will probably be my first purchase. As far as the “Masters” (lol) go, I’d have to give it to Tahu, as others have said.


He’s always been my favorite, and I’m happy he’s back. Plus, he’s wielding a Mordekaiser-esque morningstar :smiley:

i put this in bionicle category, so it goes without saying

Tahu and the King of Skull Spiders. My opinion might change once I see clearer photos.

i hate having to correct people, since most people read it as hate, but it is lord of skull spiders

Hard to tell at this point for now it’s probably OnuatheLandLord. Oh wait its no longer land its earth… :frowning:


oh look its me posting to this like 14 years late

Kopaka is definitely my favorite so far. Although depending on how he turns out, I could go for Pohatu too.

Right now looking at these sets closer Lewa is my favorite. Pohatu and Tahu are tied for 2nd.

pohatu all day errday

Omega Tahu, and yes, i still call him that

Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka.

Onua is by far my favorite. I’ve been waiting years for a purple set.

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Very possibly Gali, but I’ll wait and see for the preview. Besides that Tahu. Least fave would most likely be Lewa. Not bad, just my personal least favorite

For me, it’s either Tahu, or the Protector of Ice.

ok, clear images have been out for a while now and i havent been on the message boards in a while so here are my thoughts:

i hate protector of fire and water, they have the most useless weapons. lord of skull spiders is much bigger than expected, but im not too impressed with him in the reviews i watched. DEFINITELY getting jungle protector first, he is just AWESOME. stone protector and ice protector as well. Kopaka is the first toa im getting followed by either tahu, lewa or pohatu. That is my opinion.

I would appreciate it if you guys could tell me WHY i should buy the water protector, because honestly im really not impressed with her at all.


@Bionicler2015Informer you should. Tahu 2015 will ALWAYS be omega. tahu is omega, tahu is life

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But Steam bro, steam…

are you reffering to tahu saying “water is nothing but steam, ‘hot air’ as they say” to gali in the mask of light, or are you talking about something else?