Which characters missed the opportunity to be in the Canon Depiction Contest?

You are technically correct, those are unknown as well. I didn’t list them for two reasons:

  1. Every Onu-Matoran from Metru Nui/Mata Nui has a black torso except Taipu, Dosne, and Mamru. Taipu is still predominantly black, with both his feet and mask being black, and Mamru was the same prior to the rebuilding. This suggests to me that Black is the primary color for Onu-Matoran; those Onu-Matoran who don’t have black torsos have black feet and masks, so as to be predominantly black; and Mamru and Dosne replaced/recolored their masks during the rebuilding for unknown reasons, thus causing them to be exceptions.
  2. Every Matoran on Metru Nui had grey arms and legs.

The arm/leg colors of post-cataclysm forms are reflected in metrutoran hand/feet colors. They are not unanimously grey, only the pieces in between are grey.

In any case, the only coloration we have confirmed for Mavrah is a purple Pakari. The rest is up to imagination.

Why is that? He easily could have MOC contest.

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@TheJerminator @Willess12 Do you know if Mavrah is confirmed to wear an unmodified great version? I always imagined him as an Onepu clone but a noble version or a scope like Nuju and BC’s version could make him more interesting.


The qoute of origin does not imply anything specific:
Q: What mask does Mavrah wear? And what colours are he?
A: Purple Pakari, and I don’t have his body colors.

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Uh, yeah, that’s what I was referring to. The leg/arm pieces and the sockets for the joints/hands are grey on every Metrutoran. Only the feet, torso, and mask are colored.


The only thing unknown about him is his colors (and maybe the mask, if a noble Pakari is allowed). A moc contest would be pointless.

Greg: I’m going to be absolutely specific about the mask and the color of it
Also Greg: yeah I dunno what the rest of him looks like


Even if we did have a moc contest the entries would look so similar it would be ridiculous.


The shape of the mask has never been explicitly stated, from what I can find. However, there is one quote which suggests that Onepu and Marvah’s masks are identical:

Note that the question starts with the assumption that the masks are identical, and Greg seems to confirm it.

All Pakari Quotes

Official Greg Discussion | Page 55
Official Greg Discussion | Page 58
Official Greg Discussion | Page 86
Official Greg Dialogue | Page 94

This would mean it is Great-shaped, without any third-party additions.

One thing that’s unknown, though, is if Mavrah’s mask would still have any silver paint left after years in hiding.

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And also dying in a river.

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That would depend on if this (hypothetical) contest would be depicting him as he is now, on the Red Star, or as he appeared in the tunnels in the Great Barrier.

If it’s the former, he almost certainly doesn’t have any paint left; aside from the river, he’s also been there for over a thousand years, presumably on the run from the Kestora.

There is no natural sun on the Red Star to bleach it out, so yes he would have the silver paint.

I like that idea of Onepu having a noble Pakari with scope

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This would unironically be the best contest. “Who can build the best dead Onu-Matoran?” And of course TTV would mandate that entries be posed face-down in water. This must take priority over Tuyet.


Turaga Jovan. It would be cool have a contest for a small set and canonize a mask with know power.


Okay but hear me out:

A shadow Toa contest

You have to draw the Toa Mata but darker.


Also, Turaga Takanuva from The Kingdom. I suppose all parallel dimensions have variants of each character, not necessarily looking exactly the same but having identical powers and else.

What about Jerbraz prior to his invisibility?

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We all know what Jerbraz really looked like:

(Picture of Jeremy Brazeal, the guy Jerbraz was named after)


Is it specified if he wields a Kanohi?

no, he uses his arm tattoo powers which also can’t be seen since he’s invisible.

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It is. He does not: