Which is better; Creatures or Protectors?

This is just a random topic I made to see which sets people like better. So, which do you think is better, and why? I prefer the Creatures, I feel they did more in the story, the toa combinations are much better, and I feel they’re just cooler and better than the Protectors over all. So, discuss!


creatures they have more variety and they look nicer overall, atleast that’s how I see it

Protectors are better IMO, because you can make custom protectors and they can actually fit the timeline. The beasts are cool, but for MOCing purposes, I would rather have the protectors.

OOOOh that is one good question. I still prefer the protectors I think, but the creatures are incredibly unique

I cant really pick but i will go with creatures because of the unity function i suppose

I can’t pick out which would be better… :grimacing:
Most likely the Protectors. I like the Elemental Creatures and all, but the Protectors have so much personality to them. They exemplify the design choices I like, too; simple but effective!

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I prefer the creatures. Something about their designs and functions just stands out to me more.

Hard to say, especially since I only have one of each.

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In all honesty, it depends on preference.
Do you want functions and funky builds or shooters and normal builds.

I think creatures are better overall, but Nilkuu is better than all.

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I prefer the creatures.

I prefer creatures, but I think some of them aren’t as good as their protector counterpart.

Oh, tough question.

If there’s one thing G2’s been stellar on, it’s small-sized sets and characters with their designs.

I actually prefer the Protectors. They just have so much character even though they’re all humanoid. Plus, unlike some of the creatures, they don’t have any open ball joints. I think they work good as a team, too. Some of the creatures focus on becoming united with the Toa them seem kinda focused on that. The protectors seem so independant.


Its really though TBH both have loads of personality of you pose them right, but I think id say that the protectors are better cause they look cleaner, some of the creatures look messy and have open balljoints, but at the same time the creatures have functions.
That said I still don’t have all the creatures yet so I may change my mind.

this is actually a really hard decision

both are good for different reasons, though I’m going to go with the creatures

I’d say protectors, since they’re much easier to just pick up and mess around with, but then again, I slightly modded some of my protectors…

The creatures are a lot more diverse, and I like their color schemes and distribution more. So creatures I guess.

For me I like the protectors more than the creatures, not that they are bad but the protectors look amazing under sunlight and i always find myself playing with vizuna instead of uxxar

The creatures are great parts packs. Most of them include multiples of handy pieces like wings and fins. Each one is unique which is cool too.

Creatures, they’re much more powerful than the protectors