Which Ninjago episodes are skippable filler?

Right, so I would like to catch up on the ninjago series, as I lost interest after the first year, and stopped following the line,
Any Ninjago fans here willing to compile a list of the non-skippable episodes, it would be greatly appreciated.
I was planning to just watch ttv’s catch up series, but I would prefer to actually watch the show itself.
How many episodes are there in total anyway? :imp:

I figure compiling a list could be helpful for everyone.

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Technically there isn’t filler because Ninjago story isn’t adapted from something else.

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Shows that arn’t adapted can still have filler though, a filler episode would just be something that doesn’t add or effect anything in the overall story.


Hmm. Not sure. Where are you up too?

A lot of the original seasons had somewhat filler episodes. But seasons like Rebooted and Skybound are a must-watch.

There are 74 Episodes and two 44 minute Specials

EDIT: Completely missed the line that said you stopped after the first year.

So was it the Skeletons or the Snakes?

Might as well start from the beginning.

Special - Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu

Ep 1 - Rise of the Snakes
Ep 7 - Tick Tock
Ep 10 - The Green Ninja
Ep 12 - Rise of the Great Devourer
Ep 13 - Day of the Great Devourer

Ep 19 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Ep 20 - The Stone Army
Ep 22 - The Last Voyage
Ep 23 - Island of Darkness
Ep 24 - The Last Hope
Ep 25 - Return of the Overload
Ep 26 - Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

That’s pretty much the first two seasons.


That’s almost 30 hours of footage,
this is why I want to know which episodes are skippable,
it’s really intimidating to have this wall of footage in front of me.


Rebooted, now, is a phenomenal season (Keeping it vague to avoid spoilers; do you know what happens?).
So to get the full experience, it would be best to watch all eight episodes.
Ep 27 - The Surge
Ep 28 - Art of the Silent Fist
Ep 29 - Blackout
Ep 30 - Curse of the Golden Master
Ep 31 - Enter the Digiverse
Ep 32 - Codename: Arcturus
Ep 33 - The Void
Ep 34 - The Titanium Ninja

But if you absolutely had to skip through it, I recommend the first two and last three.

The first half of Season 2 adds very little to the overall story, iirc.

There isn’t filler, every episode has something that’s essential to the story.

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All of them.


Every one of them/s

@Ninja dangit you beat me to it…

I recommend skipping Day of the Departed.

This short special didn’t leave a good impact to the series tbh.


  • About 4/6 of sets were Irrelevant
  • Yang mention he cursed himself, including his students to turn into ghost and want all except Cole to escape (since it’s require 1 ghost to stay behind)
  • The Villians summon still leaves alot of plot-hole since they appear from another realm for the dead and all were defeated (except for Morro since he passively expire himself to help the ninjas)
  • Cole randomly gain magma arms and free all Yang students plus himself (Yang “sacrifice” himself by pushing Cole into the Rift of Return to become human again)
  • The Temple of Airjitzu set became relevant.

Yep, definitely agree with you there.

I think that it’s important though, to remember that this special was originally going to come out at the same time as the movie. This is why no sets were planned for it. It’s also likely that the new write was told to focus more on Season 7, which would’ve been more important. But due to the movie’s delay, all the plans changed.

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