Which person in TTV do you like?

My two favorites are Eljay and Meso smile.Those two are funny XD.


Eljay's my favorite too. Plus, he has a life-size Golden Kanohi Miru, so that makes him awesome.

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Yeah he is awesome any ways smile.

I like me


you're pretty good too.

Lol thats funny

Personally, I'm a fan of Brandon Giulini.



The Eljay-Meso combo reminds me of the Kopaka-Pohatu combo, (respectively) which is my favorite duo of any two character's in anything, so yeah you can see where this is going.

If we're talking about individual members, I think I'd choose either Invictus or Viper. They're both funny in their own respects. stuck_out_tongue

Eljay is Pohatu and Meso is Kopaka Right?

... Right?

Not really sure if I see either as Kopaka OR Pohatu XD

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My favorites are meso, viper, and, of course, TUMA!

Me neither, but I suppose it could be seen by some.

Who don't know either of them.

At all. In the slightest.

I just realized that my claim falls apart when you factor in the fact that Eljay has a sense of humor. Whelp.

To be fair, they do tend to fall into that dynamic for stuff they do by themselves, like MNOG with Meso.

Invictus or Meso.

I have life size statues of both that I pray and bring sacrifices every day.


I think you should put your claim back together, I'm pretty sure he doesn't (or at least it's not good)

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UGH ....its like asking whos favorite out of the Holy Trinity.......I guess Varderan ...kinda ...
I really like all of them


You can choose two or more smile

I'm fans of them all. Glad to have seen this podcast grow so much from when it first started, and due in no small part to the contributions and talents of the whole cast!


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Yeah smile