Which toa would you have in your toa team

this sounds insane... I want to see it happen


Whats insane is the "Sense of Right Alliance". That would be my 3rd Toa Team if they qualified.

Nikila and Lesovikk.

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Maybe I should make a topic for how would you kill off a character.


Tahu Mata, Tahu Nuva, Tahu Mistika, Tahu Stars, Tahu 2015.

Hey, why not?


"I'm the leader!"
"No, I'M the leader! I have more experience than you!"


Kopaka burst out from under his covers screaming his face covered with sweat.
"Whew it was only a dream..."


do it

Just a standard zombie apocalypse team. No need to get all offended by the fact I would kill the traitor Nidhiki first.

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Team A:
Krakua as Deputy, Varian, Matoro Mahri, Gali 2015, Onewa Metru, Lhikan as Leader, Bomonga Hagah

Team B:
Jovan as Leader, Chiara, Hahli Mahri, Pohatu Mata, Whenua Metru, Naho as Deputy, Iruini Hagah

This needs to be a thing now.


Reminds me of how one could make a Power Rangers team out of just the powers of Tommy Oliver.

I mean, it'd have 2 Red Rangers, but still >.>


Ekorak, Kangar, Kalidra, and Wolvix.

Oh well that just makes everything not so good. I don't want a team of canon characters -_-


If it weren't for that rule, I'd have done a team comprising of the TTV cast.

...Oh, great, now I'm starting to seriously consider how they'd function as a toa team.

...Should I make a topic about this?

Me and other five Onuas...
Nothing more...


I'm fairly certain there's already a topic about if the TTV where Toa.

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Well, if my team was consisted of my own Characters these would be:

Toa Imrukii (Me) - A Toa of fire that Wields an Electrical Energy blade of Syphoning and a Pellet Shield (a shield that shoots pellets), Also has a Protosteel Blade that uses the power of plasma to cut and shoot through enemies and objects (can be split into a short distance Sky-Board and blade of pure plasma energy) He has the mask of Selective Reconstitution (Kanohi Ooataj) (Allows the user to switch between up to four mask powers, But these powers are weakened. For me they are teleportation, Corruption, Telekinesis, and Temporary Invulnerability. Takes the form of the Primary Mask, Has two colors: Red and Silver, For me) Color Scheme: Red, Dark Red, Black, Dark Grey, SIlver, (eye and heart-light color: Lime Green)

Toa Kira - A toa of water with a Zamor Sphere blaster that syphons roughly 65.3% of the opponents energy, Also has a Bladed Trident-Shield (that can shoot water at high pressure). she has the Great Kanohi Kaukau. Color Scheme: Trans. Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Gunmetal, White, Dark Grey, SIlver, Black (eye and heart-light color: Lime Green)

Toa Talleth - A Toa of Jungle/Plant Life/The Green (all the same element just different names) that is directly connected to his Element. can directly control his element, Has a modified Rahkshi staff and a Massive Shield, as a backup he has a finned sword and a charm. He has the Noble Kanohi Hau. Color Scheme: Green, Dark Green, Silver, Black, Lime Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue. (eye and heart-light color: Lime Green)

Toa Zoark - A Toa of Sonics (Sound) He has a massive double bladed weighted scythe a Disc Launcher and the disc of time (temporarily), an organic biomechancal living shield (that can fire a targeting laser used to point out small details in his surroundings), Has an internally Modified Akaku (mostly used for him to she small details) aswell as the mask of time (temporarily). Color Scheme: White, Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Sand Blue (eye and heart-light color: Trans. Light Blue)

Toa Pewto - A Toa of Iron he has a reinforced pounding cane (a dulled sword with a solid metal casing above the grip) and a reinforced claw. Has the Great Kanohi Volitak. Color Scheme: Gunmetal, Brown, Silver (eye and heat-light color: Trans. Orange)

Toa Tu (Yes, Tu) - A Toa of Earth who has a direct connection to his element able to call upon it at will He has a Sonic Vibration Blade and a backup shortsword, has the Great Kanohi Kakama. Color Scheme: Black, Silver, Dark Grey (eye and heart-light color: Trans. Dark Green)

NOTE: I tried to make the characters less much less OP than they were before. What do you think?

However if my team is consisted of Canon Characters (not including myself as canon that is) it would than be:

Toa Imrukii (Me)

Toa Tahu

Toa Lhikan

Toa Vakama

Toa Norik

Toa Nikila

Toa Chiara

Toa Orde

Toa Varian

Toa Helryx

Toa Gali

Toa Naho

Toa Lesovikk

Toa Matau

Toa Lewa

Toa Nidhiki

Toa Kopaka

Toa Nuju

Toa Krakua

Toa Pouks

Toa Onewa

Toa Pohatu

Toa Bomonga

Toa Whenua

Toa Onua

And thats it.

good luck with that one


That seems... Rather over powered. Would you ever consider making the character less powerful, so that he doesn't obliterate any enemy that crosses his path?

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How about...Tuyet...Kopaka, Nidhiki, Matau, Tahu, aaaand Vezon.



do you want to kill your team? XD