Which toa would you have in your toa team

Which toa would would you have in your toa team
No fan made toa

I would have Lewa, Hewkii, Vakama and Pohatu.

Lewa in the sky, Hewkii in the midst, Pohatu on the outskirts (running fast) and Vakama also in the midst, but invisible.

I would be lone Toa...

Kopaka, Matoro, Lhikan, Hahli, Pohatu and Onua.

Just because they're all my favorites.

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Inika Hewkii, Inika Kongu, Metru Nokama, Metru Vakama, Mata Kopaka, Mata Onua,

Takanuva, Pohatu, Jaller, Hahli, Vakama, Matoro, Kopaka, and Lihkan
I would love to see these 8 fight together

Lhikan, Iruini, Nuparu, Pohatu, Hahli, and Kopaka.

Pohatu, Kopaka, Jaller, Matoro and Lhikan.

Vakama, Kopaka, Hewkii, Nuparu, Lewa, Gali.

Tahu, Nokama, Pohatu, Kongu, Matoro, and Nuparu?

I would probably have Lhikan, Jovan, Matoro, Takanuva, Hahli, Nuparu, and Iruini.

Nidhiki, Tuyet, Kopaker, Jaller, Nuparu(Inika), Pohatu.

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Is this intentional, or was this an error?

Intentional, I like pronouncing words that end with an '-a' with a '-er' instead.
Like Piraker.

and Toer?


This team is doomed to immediate failure.


Team Leader: Lhikan
Brawler: Jaller
Weapon Expert: Nuparu
Brains: Matoro
Medic: Gali
Speed Fighter: Pohatu
Mascot: Lewa
Guy who dies first: Nidhiki


I expect you would just throw Nidhiki out there in the middle of the field as a distraction and let him die XD


Oh yes, good point. (Dont like people like Nidhiki, traitors for me have their own place in hell).

Mata Pohatu as the Leader, Inika Matoro, Mahri Jaller, G2 Onua, Mahri Hahli,Toa Matau. Runner Up Team: Mata Kopaka as leader, Inika Nuparu, Mata Lewa or Inika kongu, G2 Gali, Nuva Tahu, Mahri Hewkii.