Whiplash Squid rahi MOC

From the ancient raging ocean of okoto, dozens of of squid like rahi wash upon the beaches of the region of water. <img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/b/6/b6c3fb51714e7a71b4540a4923d7b72435e4c2dc.jpg" width="666

" height=“500”> S
These creatures live together in swarms of thousands.they have 7 tenticals ,1 is enlarged and can unleash violent pulses frying there enemy.

They can also be tamed and be used as electrical whips (hence the name)

the can be tamed to be used as electrical whips.

Any advise for improvement?


These are… Interesting?

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Well they only took like 2 minutes to make

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This looks cool, nice work! You can have an awesome croc! :crocodile:

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I don’t think that they’d be glad to be flung around like whips, no matter how much you tame it :stuck_out_tongue:
More pics from different angles would be useful

I can see this as a Small set from '07.

Building instructions Alvezplz. (As Alvezqez? Don’t kill me.)

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That is a nice balance point. /s

In all seriousness, this thing looks pretty good for a small build.


Really nice

though i feel that more tentacles would be nice because the nuparu claws just don’t work

Cant really see a head or eyes if you are going to add eyes I suggest Lime Green or Red!:slight_smile:

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Awesome! but I do agree with Panda.

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Yup there we go :slight_smile:

I got to admit this is pretty great!

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