Whirl V2

For those who remeber, over the summer, I made a Whirl MoC that I was proud of, pictured here:

It was unfinished, as I needed some sets to fix things like colour scheme, but I planned to come back to it. However, when I started looking back on it, I realized that this was a pretty bad MoC. So, finally, I decided to revisit this MoC and make it way better! So, without further ado, here it is!

Anyways, with this MoC, I aimed to make a Whirl that was better than my old MoC in every way! First of, he has a more accurate colour scheme to Whirl in the comics. Second, I added some things that I didn’t have on my original MoC, like the yellow cockpit that is present in both modes, the knee armour, the claws that now face the proper direction, and, my personal favourite, entirely new feet that are surprisingly stable! Also, he has way more articulation now! He has two joints at the neck, ball joint at the shoulder, doubler jointed elbow, ball joint at the wrist, hinging claws, ball joint at the waist, ball joint at the hip, three hinges in the legs, and two ballpoint in each wing! Your probably wondering, though, “does he have a vehicle mode?”. And to that I say of cours he does!

Listen, if Hasbro can give there Whirl an official walker mode, so can I!

Anyways, here we have the actual vehicle mode! I like this way more than the original! You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s like a gunship where the cockpit is lower than the rest of the body.

Anyways, I’m very proud of this! Let me know if you guys like it! As always, all comments and constructive criticism are very much appreciated! And, for anyone who wants to check out the original MoC, I’ll link it here.

Also, sorry about how some of the pictures are blurry.


As someone who’s been reading up on the comics lately, I think something is sort of missing. I feel like the single eye should be a more standing out yellow, as well as the claws looking more like pincers.


Decent alt. mode. The robot is quite gappy.

@Joe Yeah, I wanted to give him a yellow eye, but TBH, I didn’t want to search through all my Lego bins just to find the piece. As for the thing that is missing, it’s probably the fact that he’s missing a whole lot of light blue. But as for the claws, I have to disagree. Personally, I think the Skull a Spider legs a perfect his claws! Anyways, thanks for the pointers!

@Leoxandar I’m sorry if I’m just pointing out something that you already know, but he’s supposed to look like that.


Robot Mode: Check. Copter mode: Check. Ger-walk mode: Check. Now all it needs is a little one-eyed holo-matter avatar and an arsenal the size of Iacon and it’ll be perfect! My one gripe though would probably be with the yellow chest piece. It kinda just sticks out in Robot mode, though I can see why it’s there.

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Technically no, as you can’t see through him in the comics, and there’s not a gap between the front of the cockpit and the chest in robot mode.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It was really the only way I could do it though.

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Poor whirl, even as a moc he can’t get his real hands😢
Anyway I like it

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the robot mode is pretty gappy, but at the same time the alt mode looks pretty good

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That’s what I was referring to.

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Ok, yeah. I understand. Unfortunately, this was the best I could do.

It needs to have the gaps filled, other than that, its good!

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